Who would have thought I needed support so soon?
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Thread: Who would have thought I needed support so soon?

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    Default Who would have thought I needed support so soon?

    I signed up to read about pugs perhaps post some pictures to show off the "PugDuett" or ask simple questions like what is your Pugs favorite toy.
    But here I am asking questions about my Gordons health.
    Gordon has been marking more than usual and we thought it due to bringing in the new puppy. Then I noticed something strange where he looked like he tried to poop but peed not lifting his leg and I even told my hubby.
    Sunday we noticed Gordon had a hard time urinating and his stream was interrupted. I knew as long as urine comes out it's not too bad. 1st thing I did I looked here. I saw UTI and Monday morning I couldn't wait 'til 8am to call the vet.
    The vet :
    We get services on the military base what saves us some $$$. They don't do everything and appointments are made anytime from 2 weeks to a month in advanced. I used to go with my Dachshund who had cancer to a vet right here in the neighborhood. I like the vet he is just the most pricey one around. I already had done research and found this new place.
    I took in a urine sample before work and my hubby was off and took in Gordy for his appointment at 1pm.
    It all went crazy here ....
    No UTI and he was not calm for an x-ray. the ultrasound showed a blockage. They needed him to stay there and get in a catheter. Not to long ago I took in my Gustl with a tooth abscess and got a cancer diagnose. I was so worried all I could think is I can not loose another dog that soon.
    They x-rayed him and a catheter was placed. From what I understand (my husband was at the office) he had sand like granulated clumped up causing the blockage.
    Blood test showed no issues otherwise.
    They asked Gordon to go back for observation the next day and to make sure he is hydrated enough. My husband took him in and picked him up that day.
    They gave him a round Clavamox because he had the catheter and put him on Royal Canin Urinary SO permanent .
    When I picked up the food today they could not tell me which type of crystals he had.
    My hubby and I try to narrow down the cause. All we can figure is a switch in food. Dummy me I looked up the new kibbles for larger dogs but the small breed formula had 34% protein.
    But we just recently added the kibbles and we are also wondering how long it takes for crystals to form?
    After reading here I ordered ph testing strips and D-Mannose Powder. I really am not certain if he should eat the prescription food for ever? The ingredients are far from recommended "good" dog food?
    If we switch to regular food should we watch for protein and magnesium or something else?
    How can you tell magnesium and other content if not listed ?
    I am happy to say Gordon is back to his normal self today. Finally excited about a walk and car ride again. And of course still annoyed by puppy Bruno.
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    I'm so sorry to read about Gordon's issues. I'm glad he is already feeling better and I hope he makes a speedy recovery!
    It would be really helpful to know what type of stones/crystals he has. The treatments are different depending on the stone. Struvite stones are generally caused by an infection and, usually, treating the infection eliminates the issue. However, CalOx stones can be harder to eliminate and require different treatment. In the meantime though, one important thing you can do to help flush out his system is make sure he is getting plenty of water and frequent potty breaks. You may want to consider "flooding" his food to get more liquid into him. Basically this means adding enough water so his kibble is floating just a bit. Or, you could try adding a tiny bit of water from canned tuna or canned chicken to encourage him to drink more water.
    Best wishes to Gordon!
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    We always water down kibble and have added some dehydrated raw food for taste. I went and got a water fountain jut in case. Bruno loves it. Gordon knows "Go get water" we taught him some time ago, because he get's hot fast. Thank goodness we got cooler temperatures and we walk more often. Thank you! I will check out the differences on the crystals.
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    Really, it sounds like you have a good handle on it until you know the type of crystals. Sending positive thoughts for all of you.
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    I hope that you can work this out for him.
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