Need Help Figuring Out What Is Wrong With Pug - diarrhea, Occaional Vomit, Read on...
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Thread: Need Help Figuring Out What Is Wrong With Pug - diarrhea, Occaional Vomit, Read on...

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    Question Need Help Figuring Out What Is Wrong With Pug - diarrhea, Occaional Vomit, Read on...

    Hello fellow Pug lovers,

    I am sorry for the long read but am not sure what is relevant and what isn't...

    I am in real need of help as I have a mystery. Approx 8 days ago, my 10 month old Pug started to have diarrhea and vomit. I came home from work and found that he made a big miss within his crate. That night and the next day, the diarrhea was fairly frequent and the vomit was less so. When the Pug vomited, it would happen after a period of time after eating and was more liquid than food. In addition, sometimes when playing or doing nothing, the pug would have spit up come into his throat which he would swallow and lick his lips a lot. I took a stool sample to the vet. They did a in house study and found that it was full of the Colitis bacteria. I was given a antibiotic. The next day, the Pug was still having symptoms and personally took to the vet. The vet did XRAYS and found a foreign object within the stomach. The Pug was held at the vet hospital for observation and possible surgery next day if not passed. The next day, XRAYS still showed the object but later that night it moved to the colon. The following day the vet claims to have found half way popped popcorn kernels within the feces. The vet claimed to have not seen anymore vomiting for the day and therefore was released. I was given Royal Canine GI soft food to give in addition to the Antibiotics and a acid reducer.

    That night, the Pug ate some food and again shortly after threw up a mainly liquid substance (not a huge amount) and had diarrhea. Also, on occasion, still having the spit up and licking. Back to the vet he went the next day. They did a barium XRAY and found everything looked good. They also tested for Pancreatitis, did full blood work and everything came back negative. He was sent home again later that day. We were told to feed him very small amounts of food several days a day.

    Next day and day after, still having symptoms. For example, the Pug was on the bed with my wife giving her love and just out of the blue had a small amount of throw up come out and went on the bed. It just kind of came up with really no effort. Also, in the morning shortly after waking up, out of the blue had some throw up hit the bed (bile like liquid).

    That Sunday, I took him to the ER vet hospital. They did a XRAY of his esophagus, tested for Parvo, and did blood work for electrolytes. Everything looked good. They gave me a fiber supplement to add to the food, nausea med, and told us to continue the antibiotic the vet gave.

    Monday, the stool looked a little more firm but not perfect. He only got sick a little bit in the morning. That night, I took him to the vet because his bum is so sore, he was scooting around in discomfort. Before going in, he had a bowl movement which was still somewhat firm but not perfect. After coming out of the vet, he pooped again. This time it was very soft. When we got home, he had a bout where he actually leaked a little diarrhea running to the door. He went a few more times that night and was runny.

    This morning, his bowel movement again looked more firm but still loose with a lot of water content.

    During all of this time, the Pug is acting mainly normal. His appetite hasn't diminished. He still plays with his bone and will play with toys. He may be slightly less active but not lethargic. I have noticed that he may be peeing and drinking less but the vet said he is not dehydrated..

    I am at a loss what to do. Should I wait and see if the issue resolves? Should I put him back on the dry dog food and stop the wet food? Probiotics ?

    Any insight, thoughts, experience will be greatly appreciated ....

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    I have had 2 pugs with colitis, and what I have found helped greatly was to give a tablespoon of plain yogurt (not light, not artificially sweetened). I hope your little guy feels better soon!
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    We had a long period of this kind of thing with my Toddy. In his case there was never any foreign object to add to the complications, but it sounds like whatever was there has passed anyway. In his case the issue lasted for months, on and off, and was very frustrating. The vet could never find anything wrong, but he did always have very sensitive digestion. Mostly the problem was just with poop - we did get bouts of vomiting but as this is quite debilitating I always took him to the vet promptly for anti nausea meds if the vomiting lasted more than a day.

    The occasional bile spit up could be due to an excess of stomach acid and the antacid meds may help with that.

    I agree with the advice to give plain yogurt with his meals. If you can find plan goats milk yogurt so much the better.

    Probiotics will not harm and may help (though the yogurt would mainly fulfil that function).

    We did try a fibre supplement with Toddy and it helped. I'd keep on with that for now, plus whatever meds the vet has given. Bear in mind that sometimes stools can be a bit loose as a result of antibiotics so if things are not improving as quickly as you like, it may be that once the antibiotic course is finished you will see more improvement.

    Generally speaking if you have gastric issues you should be feeding light food little and often. If you have some of the Royal Canin GI food left I would certainly continue with that for a couple more days. Royal Canin isn't the best food long term but the GI food can be very helpful. Alternatively you can give plain poached chicken breast or poached white fish with rice (and topped with the yogurt). Again, this is not a nutritionally balanced long term diet but is fine for a couple of weeks to help settle things down. I would not move him back onto his regular dry dog food just yet. As the poops improve you can transition him back onto his normal food (by adding it to the GI food or chicken and rice in increasingly greater proportions until he is back on the normal diet). All this diarrhoea does put him at risk of dehydration so do monitor his fluid intake and peeing etc. If necessary you can add water to his food, or you can add something tasty to a dish of water (maybe a little canned tuna) to make a yummy "soup" that he can drink up.

    I hope your little chap gets better soon.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    I hope your little one feels better soon. I agree with what has been mentioned above - keep the meals light, add in a little bit of plain yogurt (make sure it contains no artificial sweeteners!!) and continue the fiber supplement for now.
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