Now Nilla has UTI
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Thread: Now Nilla has UTI

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    Unhappy Now Nilla has UTI

    Ugh. When it rains it POURS! Wednesday after work we drove to the Vet clinic to pick up a different antibiotic for Wonka – to see if it would help his cough. Came home to find bloody urine all over the house from Nilla!! She was pretty uncomfortable and whimpering and wanting out to pee every few minutes. We gave her a warm soak and put her on a heating pad and she seemed to settle down a bit. We were awake until really late due to cleaning the carpet and soaking Nilla, etc. And I hadn’t slept well the night before from worrying about Wonka. What a rough few days! Hubby slept in a big chair with Nilla for the night and then he had to get up extra early today to drive to 2 hours for a work seminar. So, I got up early to take Nilla to the vet. They said they only needed urine (not the dog) so I got a sample and drove it to the Vet. They ran the tests right away, but I had to wait over an hour before Dr. could discuss it with me – in between her other clients. Lots of bacteria, but no crystals in the urine. Vet gave me Baytril (antibiotic) to start Nilla on right away, but they are running a culture on the urine to make sure it’s the right drug and because Dr. wants to see how “aggressive” the bacteria is. She gave me a low dose antibiotic because of Nilla’s kidneys, but if the culture shows it’s a really strong bacteria, we may need a stronger drug. We’ll get the culture results tomorrow.
    I got home, took Nilla out to potty several times and then had to go to work. Thankfully I work very close to home, so on my 15 minute afternoon break I drove home, checked the puppy pad in Nilla’s crate and it was dry (hooray!) So I let her outside to pee again and went back to work. She seems to be feeling a bit better tonight, but still needing to pee frequently and she’s not very interested in her dinner. She did eat most of it, but it took a long time and some coaxing. I hope the antibiotic doesn’t make her queasy – I know that’s a common side effect.

    Please keep those good thoughts coming for us. This has been such a rough roller coaster ride! I hope the antibiotic will clear up the UTI quickly and that Nilla doesn't suffer tummy troubles from it.

    Oh, and Wonka... we’ll go see a specialist in next Thursday (the 8th) and discuss possible CT scan with him. Our vet recommended I call this particular specialty vet because she’s sent a lot of pets there and they are almost always less expensive than the other large specialty clinics in Michigan. She was right, they are HALF the cost! I still don’t know if we’ll go through with the CT scan, but it will be good to have an appointment and discuss the x-rays and get a second opinion about Wonka’s lungs.
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    I am sorry you are going through this, I sure hope the antibiotic works. I know how worried you are, and the expense just keeps adding up.
    I would be hesitant to do the ct scan too, I really wonder if you will get the information you needs, I will keep your two in my prayers.
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    I'm so sorry to hear Nilla has a UTI. Sounds like you caught it early though. I will be praying the meds knock out the infection and she gets relief very soon. Bless your heart, Amy, I know you are so worried about your babies. I will be praying for all of you.
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    Poor baby; hope she feels better soon.

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    Ugh.....when it rains, it REALLY pours! Sending along lots more hugs, prayers, & positive thoughts for you, your dh & your furkids! I hope Nilla will get better quickly from her UTI! Heidi has had much trouble with those, too. And I hope Wonka's troubles will be able to be figured out & resolved so he can feel better......

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    Poor babies...Poor you and Andrew!!!!

    Seeing Nilla doing better and better!!!

    Seeing good results for Wonka!!!!

    Sending thoughts of strength to you and Andrew and loads of love!
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    Ugh. What a shame. I hope Nilla gets rid of this UTI quickly and easily and that Wonka's appointment on Thursday goes well.


    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    So sorry to hear about this - hoping that Nilla is quickly over the UTI and things go well for Wonka at his appointment xx
    Bree, Xanthe and Darwin

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    Prayers the meds work well and quickly for Nilla. Prayers Wonka's appointment has some positive news.
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    I'm sorry to hear Miss Nilla has a UTI. Keeping them both in my thoughts and prayers.
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    I love you baby girl.

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