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Thread: SARDs

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    Default SARDs

    We’re worried our 6 1/2 yr old sweet boy may be blind in his left eye. He’s going to the vet tomorrow but here’s some backstory.
    We moved to a new state/house/life around March 1st. My husband and pug are living there alone right now, until my daughter and I get there in a couple of weeks.
    Since they moved, his tail has been down, so sad, definitely perks up for treats and mealtimes, though. Very clingy, doesn’t want to go on walks, very timid to explore our backyard (fenced and pretty large). He fell about 6 steps down the stairs, it was pitch dark, no injuries. Then, a tick was found, embedded and swollen. Still jumps on furniture and loves on my husband. But, he’s definitely not himself and seemingly depressed. We truly attributed it to change of house and his mom and sister not being there.
    However, today my husband realized he can’t see out of left eye. At all. We FaceTimed and I watched him do a vision test. (He was a licensed vet tech long ago).
    Anyone have any insight? Are we thinking along the right path, ya think? Of course, we’ll know more tomorrow. Just so worried. 😢
    Thanks for any ideas.
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    Sending positive thoughts!
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    No advice to offer but I will be praying for good news tomorrow and watching for an update.
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    Prayers for him and hugs to you.
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    I don't have any advice to add, but wanted to send my best wishes for your boy and I hope you are able to get some answers and a treatment plan in place soon.
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    How long ago did he have the tick? It could be a tick transmitted disease like Ehrlichiosis. Have them test for it. But it also could be unrelated. Keep us updated. Soon he will have his momma back and you be able to hold him and comfort him.

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