Does Rimadyl Cause Diarrhea?
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Thread: Does Rimadyl Cause Diarrhea?

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    Default Does Rimadyl Cause Diarrhea?

    Hi Gang... poor Maggie has developed “explosive” diarrhea after being given 1/2 of a 75mg chew tablet. That was Tues night, and it is now Friday and the poop-storm has not yet ended. It is liquidy/yellow and usually preceded by a very smelly fart... then the blast that she really can’t control. We’ve been feeding white rice, chicken and some broth since Wed and started Pepto-Bismol this morning. We’ve been waiting for a call back from her vet since this morning. Could the Rimadyl have caused such a long-lasting bout of this? Her butt is so sore, and seems inflamed due to us using Equate Baby Refreshing Wipes (hypoallergenic) to clean her up so often. Should I be using something else?

    I saw another post on this site from 2016 that asked the same question about Rimadyl, and the symptom described was exactly the same but there were only a few, vague responses. I really regret trying the Rimadyl... she was doing fine with the 1/4 tablet of Methocarbamol 500mg treating the effects of her pug myelopathy. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/experiences or suggestions.

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    Any med can cause stomach upset!!! She might need a shot to settle her stomach! Poor baby!!!!
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    Poor Maggie! I hope you can get it under control and she starts feeling better soon.
    My Wonka was on it a few years ago and it didn't cause him any tummy issues, but every body is different!
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    I have no info but I hope Maggie is feeling better really soon! Poor girl!

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    Rimadyl has never affected any of my dogs that way, but like Amy said, every body is different! Years ago we gave our precious old Lab, Molly, a raw marrow bone & she really got bad diarrhea from that.....poor girl! It was like explosive & reminded me of when cows poop! I just shot out in a stream! (Sorry if TMI....)

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    Poor Maggie! My Brody was on this for a while but never an issue with him. As Amy said every body is different. Hope she is feeling better soon

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    Yes Rimadyl can cause diarrhea. Not often but it can .
    For her butt please use a pet wipe in the future.ask your vet . For now I suggest a soft cloth dunked in camomile tee it will soothe and help heal.

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    No advice, just empathy for the poor baby.

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