Louie and the vet...
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Thread: Louie and the vet...

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    DefaultLouie and the vet...

    Louie's vet visit was this morning. It went well. Everyone absolutely loved him and he and I both really liked this vet.

    Louie weighs 3lb 13oz.

    His eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, coat and skin all were perfect. His knees were perfect. His curly tail was perfect. In fact she said he was a perfect little pug puppy.

    He got a shot. He was NOT happy. He was very dramatic.

    My only concern is she mentioned something about the kennel cough vaccine and it is the one that goes up the nose. I don't know how I feel about something going up his teeny nose. I'm back and forth about whether he even needs it. He is never going to be boarded or in a kennel environment. But then, at the same time, we also live in an apartment and there are plenty of other dogs around and who knows if they have been vaccinated or what they may have.

    We go back in three weeks (Fen 22) for another round of shots.

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    Personally I’m not keen on the kennel cough nose spray vaccine. It is as you say a rather unpleasant experience for the puppy, but also only protects for a few strains of the virus so he can still get it anyway. I was livid when a vet gave it to Darwin without my consent when he was a puppy - not just for the reasons I’ve already mentioned, but also because as I’d already discovered they then become infectious with it for several weeks. So if they’re in close contact with another dog they pass it on to them. My poor girl Xanthe ended up catching it twice like that!
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    I always go ahead and to the KC nasal.. I have to since I might have to board my dogs suddenly for work/travel and kennels require it.

    They do survive it.

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    Our dogs have always gotten the nasal vaccine. Our pointer is more of a drama queen at the vets, but Lucy has never had an issue.
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    I'm glad he had a good checkup and that everyone liked the vet! " a perfect little pug puppy" Of course he is!!!
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    I chose not to get kennel cough with Dixie
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    DefaultLouie and the vet...

    I think he is to young now anyway .
    You will have to decide if this is what you need. Perhaps you ask around any other dog owners . Word get’s out if dogs are sick .
    I do give kennel cough for the reason that my guys go a lot of places and dog parks . My dogs also get the flu shot when it is an outbreak in the area we live .The vets have area lists.
    I signed on both of my guys with the breeders not to vaccinate for Lepto .
    I space my vaccines never do multiples on one day .
    I do give Benadryl shots prior to some vaccines.
    I also do not give shots on Heartworm pill days or Brevecto days .
    I also do not give shots before a weekend just in case .

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    I'm so glad the first visit went well and he is a perfect pug puppy! I do get the kennel cough vaccine every year for Otis, however it is not the nasal one. It is a injection.

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    Glad all went well. I also give mine the bordatella vaccine but via injection only, plus it’s the only way my vet does it in flat nose breeds. I do not give a Lepto though, I also signed a contract with the breeder not to give it but I wouldn’t anyway.
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    Glad he got a good report on his check up!

    Personally, I dont' do the kennel cough shot as it doesn't cover all the strains of Kennel Cough. I treat if they get it and have had no problems. If you decide to get it, there used to be one that was 2 shots.
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