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Thread: Help regarding Skin problem

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    Unhappy Help regarding Skin problem

    Hades is almost 7 years old and was healthy until last year.. He started to itch and scratch a lot from last year we visited out usual vet and he gave us a spray which he himself had made using certain medicine (The composition of which i dont know) and the problem seemed to fade away for a bit and the skin was back to normal and fur seemed to return.. but suddenly again the problem popped up and this time the degeneration of hair and skin was so obvious i could see yellow flaky things on the skin.. So i got worried and visited the vet once again .. he told it is a hereditary based infection could not be treated very well and advised us to continue with the spray and suggested seledruff shampoo (Seledruff is an anti dandruff shampoo containing Selenium Sulfide 2.5 % with exotic fragrance used to treat mild to moderate bacterial and fungal infection and seborrhoeic dermatitis. (SELEDRUFF acts as keratolytic and mild degreasing agent thus decreasing the severity of the disease.) i googled the shampoo.. Then the skin became much worse is an image from october of 2019... then the skin seemed fine for a while and suddenly it resurfaced in february of 2020... This time it wasss wayyyy worse and because of the lockdown in our country (India) i couldnt go outside much.. the skin is bald almost the front chest part and there is flakiness in skin and he is scratching every minute leading to wounds and blood ... I tried putting medicine on the wounds giving medicinal baths using ketoconazole powder and soaps i dont what to do.. and he is smelling really bad.. now from the start of this month it seemed to spread to the whole down portion of the body.. I dont know what to do.. The petshop i go to told me he may have food allergies .. I give my dog (Royal Canin Pug Adult) he told me maybe he is allergic to wheat/corn/chicken and suggested me to go another doctor and to switch to fish based food.. Im getting increasingly worried and the condition of his skin saddens me now since we have been in lockdown for 2 months already.. Here is the latest picture showcasing the skins sorry state and im feeling so sad and worried This is the current picture Someone please help me regarding this.. I have visited 2 vets and all suggest the same shampoo.. i dont know whats wrong.. should i visit another vet regarding this matter?

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    Poor pug. I'm so sorry he is having all these skin problems. Did the vets do a "skin scraping" to check for "demodox" or other types of skin mites? They can sometimes cause skin issues like this. My best guess though, from the description and photo is that this is a very bad yeast infection on the skin, possibly caused by allergies originally and then the yeast took over. If you have access to a different food without wheat/grains, then I would try switching to that. In the meantime, the medicated baths should help. You may have to do them weekly. Coconut oil (raw, unfiltered) may also help, it has anti-fungal properties and should be soothing to the skin. Be careful not to rub too much when applying.
    I wish I could offer more advice. I hope you find something that is helpful for your pug and that his skin starts to improve soon.
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    You got a very cute pug !

    My first thought was also mites because of the flakes .
    That said It might not be because it had come and gone .
    YES go to another vet. The current state of his skin needs to be treated to relieve your pug from his itching .
    The cause needs to be found and usually they do a protein elimination diet if food Allergie is suspected . They got specific foods containing only one type of animal protein. You could try finding some yourself with some research . But the vet will give you a prescription for it here . My Bruno certainly does very well on fish protein . For him chicken and cheese is the culprit. Many Vets start with elimination chicken actually . Unfortunately you got to feed each food you try for about 3 month to see the difference .
    Many dogs are also regular taking pills or getting shots for allergies.

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    I agree he needs to see another vet. Do you have a pug rescue close that you could call to see what vet they use? I would definitely insist on a scraping. Prayers you get some help soon.
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