Weird Breathing Question
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Thread: Weird Breathing Question

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    DefaultWeird Breathing Question

    My 10 year old pug has recently started breathing funny. She takes 3 smaller inhaled breaths and then let’s out her exhale breath out. The exhale seems a bit more forced as well. Vet said comprehensive bloodwork seems good, chest X-ray shows some lung inflammation but nothing major. She thinks allergies, over the counter meds didn’t seem to be working. She is trying a round of prednisone but we are on day 3 and she is still the same. She is acting like her normal self but I know this is not how she normally breathes. Any thoughts?

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    Unfortunately I am not a vet and I have no experience with dogs and breathing issues.
    What I can tell you breathing issues can be caused by a variety of things. We have some member who will be able to tell you how long it takes for the prednisone to work.
    Did your dog have allergies before? Have you changed anything in his environment or food?
    I think its strange if your dog 10 years old now to have allergies if he had no issues prior.
    Now since I own Pugs I hear a lot about collapsing trachea . You can always take a video of your dog and get a 2nd opinion if you are not confident with your vet .
    You said an inflammation in the lung which might just take a little longer to heal .
    Hopefully you get better answers from our other members .

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    Yep no experience here either but I too would be worried with a breathing change-I think too that the lung inflammation must have something big to do with this and in a senior pug-they have a hard enough time breathing! Allergies are always a possibility but in the past my only experience with that has been itching itching and more itching and chewing of feet-April and September here in upstate NY. So glad you had bloodwork and so forth-I have had prednisone prescribed before, obviously be very careful to follow the vet instructions-as I recall its not something you can just start and stop! Good luck and please keep us posted so we can add to our knowledge base here.
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