Future vaccines concerns - Covid Related
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Thread: Future vaccines concerns - Covid Related

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    DefaultFuture vaccines concerns - Covid Related

    I was listening to Doctor Radio in the car today . They were talking about the timeline for vaccines and distribution etc.
    The anticipation is end of this year beginning of the next . Nothing new there. They keep talking about it .
    But then they covered the availability of such vaccine and even if it was available in such masses you still have to cover production of vails etc.
    That made me think . We have such a hard time with the veterinarian clinics being opened and what not .

    My question is:
    Do you think there could be a shortage of vaccines ( oh per say needles etc .)for our pets ?

    I really have little anxiety about this virus until it affects my dogs .

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    I wouldn't worry about that!
    pets are over-vaccinated anyway, if they ran short of needles and had to postpone vaccines, oh well.....
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    Here's something to put your mind at ease:

    I give my guys 2 puppy shots....then check them. Bobby is 4 yrs old...and still is covered!!! Izzy is 5 and she is also highly covered!
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    I also wouldn't worry.
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    Lolli gets her shots Friday afternoon. Our ranch supply store seems to have a pretty healthy supply of vaccines and needles so I don’t think it’s an issue to worry about quite yet but I will ask the vet Friday if he has concerns.
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    I don't think I'd worry too much... the only vaccines that your boys might need and have to wait on would be the yearly jabs for diseases that mutate and change rapidly, the "short-term" vaccines like kennel cough or Lepto (if that is something you vaccinate for, many do not due to the risk profile of the vaccine). Otherwise, even if there was a needle shortage, I think your adult pugs would be ok waiting for a while for something like a rabies shot until needles were in stock again. A dog's immunity to a disease like rabies or parvo does not automatically "expire" on day 365. It continues on for much longer, possibly for life, depending on the dog and the vaccine.

    For much of his adult life, we did yearly Titers on Wonka and he went for years without needing shots that are typically advertised as 1 year or 3 year shots. There was one time that I remember he tested low on something and so he did get that vaccine, just that particular one. But for the most part, after he reached the age of 5-6 years, the Titers showed that he had sufficient immunity from nearly all the typically vaccinated diseases for the rest of his life! We eventually stopped even bothering with the titer testing and only got him the 3-year rabies shots because they are legally required. I know titers aren't completely foolproof, but for me they provided extra information on Wonka's immunity and gave me the information I needed to make a more-informed decision.
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