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Thread: Peanut Butter

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    DefaultPeanut Butter

    I've been alive a long time. For every single second of it, I've hated peanut butter. The jar smells awful. I don't like nuts anyway so it's basically the stuff of my nightmares.

    I genuinely can't even look at a jar in the shop without silently thinking "bleurgh!" in my mind. Husband tried to buy a jar once. He soon learned not to unless he didn't want to come anywhere near me for a week!lol.

    This week I've had one of life's epiphanies. Charlie's obviously been needing eye drops for his injury :( As I posted, I was so stressed about it because I was basically on my own trying to get eyedrops into a little bucking bronco. No joke. I was scared that I wasn't going to get his eye better because he just wouldn't let me do the eye drops and also petrified that we were going to give him an internal injury when I had people helping me.
    We / I.tried.alsorts. Different positions, lick mats, bribery, over his head, behind him........

    My husband had snuck a jar of peanut butter in the fridge which I spotted just before eye drop time the other day. I've read a lot of you say that pugs like it (xylitol free). So...... you can see where this is going........ I've taught Charlie to associate the bottle of eye drops with a tiny lick of peanut butter. He now sits facing my husband on the floor, looks up (a little wiggle and struggle), lets me pop a drop in and takes me into the kitchen with enthusiasm to get the jar of peanut butter!He gets very uppity if the peanut butter doesn't appear quick enough! Nothing else in the universe worked. I swear.

    I think I was also "comparing kids" which is wrong I know. If Will needs eye drops, I literally show him the bottle, sit on the floor, he circles round and sits between my legs, head up, eye drop in and done :) And now Charlie believes me when I say we are trying to help, not murder him he's not far off doing so too.

    And I have peanut butter to thank.

    If you're still reading, we are going for Charlie's check up tomorrow. He appears to be more comfortable with it but I can still see the ulcer. A lot of the inflammation seems to have subsided to me. But we'll see, I'm just hoping the vet is happy.

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    I knew you would get it done . Its so hard sometimes to figure out what a Pugs trigger is . Especially when you have 2 very different Pugs. I have to remind myself often that Bruno is not Gordon and via versa .

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    I'm opposite! I LOVE peanut butter! Too much! Sadly, Heidi can't have anything except her food from the vet, but when I used to have other dogs, I used to fill Kongs with baby carrots, cheese, peanut butter......I'd freeze them & get them out to give to the dogs on my way out the door to work, thinking "There, that'll keep them busy for awhile!" One morning I went out the door, got in the car, & realized I forget to bring my lunch, so came back in & found that the dogs were already done with the Kongs!

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    Peanut Butter for the win! Hoping Charlie gets a good report tomorrow.
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    I'm not a big peanut butter fan either but it does work! Good job!
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    They love it. Not sure what it is that attracts most dogs. Glad you were able to get it to work.

    I hope he has a good report from the vet tomorrow. Let us know. Prayers for a healed or much improved eye.
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    The magic of peanut butter!
    I'm so glad you found something that works.

    I hope he gets a good report from the vet and that his eye is healing the way it should.
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