Nail trims.... sigh :(
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Thread: Nail trims.... sigh :(

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    Default Nail trims.... sigh :(

    My old girl Chloe passed last July. She never minded going to the groomer, would let us / the groomer cut or trim her nails, never put up a fuss, would fall asleep when getting blow dried!

    Now, my new guy, George (7 months), he is another story! He FLIPPS out if I or the vet try to get to his nails. He lets us touch his paws, actually loves when we massage them. I have showed him the clippers, let him sniff it, you name it.

    The last time he went to the vet (they are spacing out his vaccines so we are there every 3-4 weeks), the tech mentioned giving him a "mild sedative" next time so they can do his nails. UGH I don't like the sound of that.

    So my question is - IS this a Pug thing? They seem to get labeled as notorious for hating their nails being cut. I am not used to that! I also am uneasy about doing the sedative, but I am at a loss here. As you all know, their nails grow fast - no matter how many walks we take.

    Of course I have googled ways to desensitize him. However, he's still a puppy with tons of energy. He is doing fantastic with training and telling us when he needs to go out to potty. The nail thing I am stumped on!

    Any and all advice is appreciated!
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    Yes Pug hate nail trims. I have 3 and my Gordon is the one who has issue. All 3 are used to go to get Nails trimmed. However Gorgon hates it and struggles . I found a groomer willing to work with him. My vet is not able to get it done. Maybe call around and find someone willing to work with you. Some groomers have some tricks on how to hold them. I would not sedate my pug for nails. Maybe he is better with a Dremel versus a clipper

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    Yes, definitely a pug thing. Tinker is 15 and still hates her nails trimmed. I take her to the vets every month, they do a "pug hug" to hold her.
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    Yes a pug thing for sure! I have the most low key submissive pug in the world, until the nail trim-actually I do not like to be there-he is a totally different dog when that comes out-there is no amount of peanut butter or whatever that keeps him under control-like the OP he lets us massage, hold his feet whatever but when it comes to nail trim at the vet-stand back!!
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    Yup, it's a pug thing! And you totally lucked out with Chloe!
    We seem to have better success with a dremel vs. clippers, but all of our pugs have been complete Diva's when it comes to having nails trimmed.
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