Finally, Poop Back to Normal After Puppy Vaccination, but what now?
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Thread: Finally, Poop Back to Normal After Puppy Vaccination, but what now?

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    Default Finally, Poop Back to Normal After Puppy Vaccination, but what now?

    Gurkin is now 15 weeks old. She got a puppy shot last week. The only side effect was fatigue for 2 days, then she seemed back to normal. But on day 4 after the shot, she had diarrhea. It was the consistency of pudding, not extreme like water, and she was fine otherwise, so I wasn't too worried. But it continued and I started trying to figure out what was causing it.

    I had given her some cooked pork sausages as training treats the day before, was it that? Had she eaten some of my other dog's food, that had fallen on the ground, and that upset her stomach? Had she eaten something else from the ground, a plant, leaf, piece of wood or bug which didn't agree with her? I had recently changed the brand of one of the foods she was eating, the ingredient list was almost identical to the previous brand, so I didn't think it was that, but it was a possibility? Or was this a vaccination reaction? My vet had only mentioned that fatigue was 'normal', she said that any serious adverse effect would happen within a few hours.

    After a couple of days the diarrhea improved a bit, then it got worse again. So I broke out the cooked white rice and pumpkin to add to her food, which is what had worked for her first bout of diarrhea during the first week, which I assumed was caused by stress and a change in diet.

    After 7 days there was fluctuating improvement, sometimes soft but formed poops, sometimes pudding. Then yesterday morning it got worse again. So I went with fasting for 12 hours followed by only rice, pumpkin and chicken broth for the next 2 meals and thankfully, this morning, after 10 days her poop was almost back to normal. Still soft, but well formed and easy to pick up.

    So my question is, what caused it and what to do now?

    Has anyone else had a similar experience, what happened and what did you do?

    Disclaimer: I only seek my vets advice when it's obviously necessary. After numerous bad experiences over the years, and extensive research, I've come to the conclusion that most veterinary practices have a primarily profit based agenda, with the health and wellbeing of animals coming second, if at all. I have mixed levels of trust when it comes to seeking their advice and refuse to be emotionally manipulated into buying unnecessary tests, procedures, treatments and medications, especially because there can often be long term adverse effects from what they recommend, which they don't tell you about. My advice is unless it's an emergency situation, do your own research before paying for anything your vet recommends, and then use your own judgement.

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    Any of the things you mentioned could be the cause. Given how long this lasted and that fasting made a difference, I'm inclined to think that perhaps the pork sausage set off a bit of a pancreatic attack and fasting helped her body do a "re-set." But, really, it could have been any number of things... she might have eaten something in the yard or while on a walk, she might have picked up a bit of a tummy infection and her body eventually fought it off, it could have been the change in food.... etc.

    I'm very glad she's doing better now and I hope she continues to improve!
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