Epulis in mouth
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Thread: Epulis in mouth

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    Default Epulis in mouth

    Benny is 14+. The last 15 months or so (since the pandemic) have been pretty bad. Nothing to do with the pandemic really, but that is my approximate timeline. However, we have overcome most of his issues and I am happy to report that he has had a pretty good last three weeks!

    One issue remains. We noticed an epulis in his mouth about six weeks back. Today I see two of them. We have decided not to operate him for it. The tumor does not bother him. He has barely a tooth or two left anyway. We feed him only soft food and treats. He eats, drinks and does his business quite efficiently.

    Since we have decided not to operate the tumor, my question is, what should we expect in the coming days and months. The tumor will not heal, so what catastrophes should we be on lookout for? How best to avoid catastrophes and what to do when one occurs.

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    So sorry to read that Benny is having this problem. I haven't had a pug with epulis in the mouth so I can't give specific advice, but I would assume that, eventually, it would be more and more uncomfortable for him to eat. The soft food that you are already feeding seems like a good choice. And so long as he is happy and drinking, eating and doing his business just fine then I'd say keep doing what you are doing.

    I'm not sure where you are located so I don't know if this suggestion will be legal in your area.... many people have had success with CBD oil for cancerous lesions and similar conditions. If it's something you're comfortable trying for Benny, you might be able to find a type that you could put in his mouth, on the spots, to see if it shrinks them. From what I've read, pugs (just like people) respond differently to this drug so you will want to read about it and then start small if you do try it, so you can see how he responds.

    Sending best wishes for Benny and I hope he still has a lot of happy, quality time left!
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    I had a Dachshund with oral cancer. His had spread already to his bones and surgery would have took most of his face and jaw without really giving him more time. Without an x ray itís hard to tell how far it has spread underneath. Did they do an biopsy? Depending on what type it is it will grow faster or slow. Drooling and bad breath are signs and sometimes the tumor will bleed. I am sure you are already feeding soft food. As the tumor grows Ben may have difficulty eating especially if he has to bite on part if the Tumor. My Dachshund would move his mouth as if he was yawning. I think itís because the tumor felt wired in his mouth. We had pretty strong pain killer and some Chinese herbal meds the vet got directly from China. Just make sure you have a plan in place with your vet. I saw mine weekly to adjust meds if needed.

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