Hard lesson learned!
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Thread: Hard lesson learned!

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    Default Hard lesson learned!

    This is Ch. Shayna Kelev of Angell. Kelev means DOG in hebrew! He was the sire for many Shayna Pugs! He was Solo and Nipper's Dad. He was 14 when he died on Jan.9, 2012.

    I learned a very very big lesson that day!!!! Kelev had been sick off and on since Oct. I'd taken him to the vet each time and asked for blood work...but was told he'd just had it in July....so wasn't it needed. We treated as a stomach issue. On Jan. 8, Kelev got very sick. I took him to the vet and saw the owner. He did bloodwork...and Kelev was in extreme kidney failure!! We chatted and decided to give him a night on fluids to see if it would help. He still couldn't keep food down in the AM and blood work was bad....so I ran back to hold him as he crossed the bridge. I really don't know if doing the bloodwork and treating him for kidney issues would have helped or not...but it's a question I ask myself often!!! My lesson is....GO WITH YOUR GUT!!!!!! Don't be put off by a Dr. or a Vet if you feel you need or want something done!

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    We are our furkids only advocates. I hope that people don’t take their vet’s opinions as the absolute truth.
    My vet just told me that Minni’s insulin injections needed no changes when her blood sugar ran from the 450’s to over 525 on her last curve and to come back in for another curve in two months. I told them I was raising her injections by.5 units per injection and she’d be back in in a month.
    Normal blood sugar runs from 125 to 250.
    I have the equipment to monitor the sugar at home but I just can’t make myself stick her more often than the two injections she already gets daily. I really have to bit the bullet!

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    Thinking of you, Diane. I'm sure you miss your boy today.

    Good reminders about how we are the VOICE for our pugs. Go with your instincts - you know your pet best! And if the vet disagrees with you about treatment/tests/etc., question them until you understand why they disagree and what they suggest instead, or seek out a second opinion if needed.
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    That is one of the major reasons I left my vet after 20 years, when she sold out the first partner was good a little condescending but he learned fast. The second one was an ass and left with the receptionist soap opera style.

    Their techs wouldn't listen and put the loop over my Pugs head trying to drag them to the back, I went over took the loop off showed her how to put the leg through and make a harness. She huffed and I asked her how she would like a noose. After that I tried the new clinic down from us I love them and they carry my babies to the back!

    We talked a long time they are sisters and the techs are smart. They even praise Hercules after nail visits (I know he tries to kill them!)
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