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    I lost my 16-year old pug Rosebud last October. This didn't cause her death but we were flabbergasted to discover when she needed dental work several months before that the one baby aspirin she'd taken every night for years had her platelet count at 4! I think it was supposed to be close to 200! She had to get off the baby aspirin for six weeks or so, the platelet count normalized and she withstood the dental work just fine.

    Rosebud was arthritic and the baby aspirin seemed to keep her mobile extremely well. After the dental, the veterinarian insisted on Previcox which gave her wonderful mobility but I'll always believe it came with a heavy cost - I believe it contributed to her death but I can't prove it.

    Even with arthritis, Rosebud could deal with hard floors O.K., my 13-year old pug Gumdrop most definitely cannot! Gummy is losing use of one or both of her back legs and cannot maneuver any hard, slick floor.

    I bought a carpet runner at Lowes that was app. $3 a foot and it has proven to be a bargain - I have continuous pieces everywhere Gumdrop goes, it lays very flat, vacuums well and stays put. I have one piece that's probably 12'-14' long running through my kitchen and Gummy absolutely taught herself to stay on it.

    Elderly pugs can require a good deal of special care but they're also precious little reminders of the time when pug stubborness and determination can help them keep going.

    Those we have held in our arms for a little while,
    we hold in our hearts forever.

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    Welcome! Ask your vet about Synovi G3 chews. I have used them with a few pugs with great results.
    Mary Carpenter
    Rest in peace my sweet Sledgehammer.

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