Didn't work. On the way up we got almost there and he threw up then ate it, nothing I could do while I was driving.
Coming home this morning I gave them each four drops on a treat, I've never seen Rupert not be able to keep his eyes open while standing up.
Didn't seen to affect Viv, I can see them clearly in there crate while I'm driving so I kept a close eye on them
At one poing I started getting paranoid that he was going to have a bad reaction and it was all my fault.

Thanks for the tip Colleen, I'll try to get some treats for dogs that are ginger but if I can.
I can't deal with the thought he might have had a bad reaction to whatever I give him for his nausea so for now we will just let it be.
If I had time I would take him for a drive everyday in the hopes it would help.