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Thread: White pugs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bnwebm View Post
    We're assuming that the cause of the color is a recessive trait, but it could also be a mutation, which doesn't follow a Mendelian tenet scale. Interestingly enough, a recent research study found that blue eyes in humans is a mutation and everyone with blue eyes has a single ancestor. Mutations are great because they can cause just about any color, so anything is possible.
    I remember learning that in school...also this albino I met didn't have an eye color! His eyes were clear, and you could see all the little veins and things....

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    Charlie is mix of a white pug and a black pug...the white pug was adorable - we really liked him!

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    Found this on YouTube about a White Pug -
    YouTube - Marshmellow the WHITE pug puppy

    Here is also a list of the coloured Pugs aroundt the world - Its very interesting!
    PugColorClub.com - AKC Registered Pugs of Color

    In Ireland, the IKC only recognises Black, Fawn, Apircot, Apircot-Fawn, Silver & Silver-Fawn. Thats not to say there isn't many different types of coloured Pugs out there.

    Anyway, their all so so cute no matter what their colour :D
    "I would rather have an army of Dogs led by a Pug than an army of Pugs led by a Dog" - Napoleon

    , Doug & Dede.

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    This has been such an interesting thread - and there's been no fisticuffs!! LOL
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    We had white pugs on here once we had a great friend in Japan and he sent pictures of them it is a genetic problem these were true Albinos pink eyes etc they did have the mask but he explained that the genetic problems are very extensive, I think only one was actually ok the other 4 were blind and deaf, prone to hip problems. I hate to say that the one you saw was probably a mix but if not would have serious health problems through the years if it is a genetic/albino
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