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Thread: Help!?!?

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    Exclamation Help!?!?

    I have a pug who is just over 6.5 months old. He is everything my girlfriend and i wanted in a pet. Fun, energetic, attached, smart, the works. However, he now and for the past 3 months or so, has developed the nasty habit of biting me or my girlfriend. To be clear, this does not happen while playing. That i could understand. No, this is when he is sitting on one of our laps and literally out of the blue, he will turn and start GNAWING on our hands/fingers/arms/legs/ANYTHING he can get in his mouth that is attached to us. We give him toys, he chomps his way down them to get to our fingers. We tried a squirt gun to discourage this behavior, he drinks the water. We tried swatting him on the butt, he takes it and seems to enjoy it. We bop him on the nose, he loosens for a second and keeps going. We tried bopping him with the paper towel cardboard roll, he takes it and chews on the roll. We love our dog but its getting frustrating when we can't sit on our couch without teeth marks. Any suggestions/tips/advice? Oh, and he was just fixed about 3 weeks ago. The vet said that this behavior should pass after the surgery, but it anything, it seems to have gotten worse. HELP!!!!

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    This is very typical of any puppy
    The trick is to take away his toy - you
    He nibbles, he gets a 5ish minute time out in another room (or you can leave) ... no bopping, no spanking. A quick "AH!! AH!!" to distract, then remove him or yourselves. When he comes back offer a proper toy for him to play with. Kongs are great for entertaining them :-)
    Once he learns that inappropriate behavior looses his people, it will stop.
    Check out Victoria Stillwell ... this is how she breaks this habit, and it works.
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    I try to have something at hand that is okay to chew on. I say no bite...and give them the appropriate thing. When they start to chew...I praise!!!! I warn once, twice...the third time is crate time for 5 min with no treat ...and then we start again!

    It's a pug puppy trait!!!
    Shayna Pugs
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