Hi and good evening. I am an advid pug lover who has 2 pugs. One is 7 years and the other with Encephalitis is only 10 months.

I am looking for advice to as if anyone has tried to use the drug Imuran.

To start off im a licensed vet tech who works in a specialty hospital with access to alot of drugs and testing along with veterinary specialist in internal medicine and oncology.

So here it goes. At about 4 months of age my pug Yoda started to have seizures. I have had radiologist check for liver shunts. Cardiologist check out his heart, sent out bile acids and have tested for Toxo, mennegitis, distemper, and various other diseases. I also have done a spinal tap and the results came back with inflammation and high number of lymphosites which suggest there is encephalitis.

Now I have treated him with phenobarb to control the seizures and also pred to help suppress the immune system. Now he is about 10 months old now and the seizures are starting to happen again. He has had to in the last 2 weeks. I have checked phenobarb levels and those have came back at 13mg/ml. Which is slightly low. So we have increased the phenobarb to about 3mg/kg.

However Our internal medicine / oncologist has suggested we keep him on the pred at 5mg a day and 32mg phenobarb in the am and 16mg in the PM. In addition to this we are putting him on Imuran. My question to everyone is "is this drug helpful more so than just pred"?

I also know It involves frequent CBC's and such. I am also curious is to as how long he has left from people who have used this drug for this same disease? I am also looking for advice for any other types of treatments that may have worked as well?

I have done extensive testing on the little guy and just want to give him the best life that i can until the inevitable has to happen. Thanks again for everyones input on this matter.