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    I have 2 littermates, both male and fixed. They are about 15 months old. We first got Bean, he adjusted very quickly, no issues with house-training, members of the family, being crated or being alone. Then about 5 months later we got Brutus... he is very spooky, scared of everyone and everything, pees and runs from my husband, he has seperation anxiety that has gotten better but still exists, he has also begun pooping in the house. He is a sweet puppy and has learned some simple commands. It has begun to put a stress on our family with him not responding to my husband at all... and the soiling the house is not a good thing. I don't know what to do. I am beginning to think our home may not be the best for him because it causes him a lot of undue stress at times and IMO puppies/dogs should have as care-free of a life as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated... I am not looking for critics, I do that fine by myself, thank you!

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    I wonuuder what happened to the puppy between the time his litter mate arrived at your house and when he became available. Many people house train with the flat of their hand, and the puppy sounds like a previous owner smacked him around real good. Start from scratch, and put lovely stinky socks from the family and your husband's smelliest t shirt in puppy's crate at night. Find a once in a life time sort of treat, and treat him outside for successful potties. Make an enormous dances of joy and praise, the neighbors can look the other way. Give him a month, he'll come around with love and kind words and gentle touches.
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    Yes, as Ellen says, he does need extra effort on the household's part because he is insecure. Start training him as if he were a brand new baby puppy come into the house.
    Have a look at the puppy training threads on here, especially the toileting one, and also research gaining the trust of nervous or abused dogs.
    Don't expect him to be identical to your other dog. He is a different dog with a different history, even though they share parents and the same initial rearing.
    You will find the small extra effort pays off quickly as soon he will fit right in as himself and you will love and adore him just as much as you do his brother.

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