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    Default the doggie park!

    so.......this is Miss Li'l Bit. I thought I'd share my doggie park visits with everyone.

    The first day my mommy & sissie took me - i was scared. i saw all these other doggies just running all over the place, like crazy dogs. i was scared they'd eat me up! luckily, as soon as we got inside, these other peoples wanted to see me, so being the attention ham that i am - i had to oblige them. i got lots of praises. THEN...........their doggies came running over to me! they were so much bigger than me. my only instinct is to drop & roll, so i did just that. dropped onto my belly, then rolled over, playing possum. yeah - those bigger doggies really liked that. talk about slobbers all over!

    one really nice lady started walking over to tell me bye, and i ran up to her, to say bye back. somehow, we got all tangled up, though, and she fell. i forgot i still had my leash on becuz my mommy was too scared to just turn me loose. mommy felt so sad that the lady fell. and i thought i was for sure in big trouble. she told me that i shouldn't have did my famous figure 8 around the nice lady's feet. i guess i need to learn not to do that now.

    after mommy helped the lady up, we all went our own ways. mommy & sissie took me to the big water hole to play. i didn't want to get wet & stinky, so i just rolled in the sand instead. this really nice beagle doggie came over, and i taught her how to do my pugtona trick! she couldn't keep up. but it was okay, cuz we still had lots of fun. bigger doggies kept checking us out, but mostly, i was left alone to play w/my new friend. it was pretty fun.

    we went back again, the other day. as soon as i recognized the place, i was so excited! my mommy let me loose as soon as we got in this time. i was so good! i stayed right w/her & my sissie. we got right over to the water hole, and this HUGE HUGE HUGE dog came over & wouldn't leave me alone! i think mommy said he was a bloodhound. HE WAS A GIANT!! then, all these other big dogs all came over to see me. i had to play possum again until mommy finally picked me up. she finally put me down again, and i got my feet wet this time! it was nice & cool, but i still didn't wanna mess up my fur. it was too pretty.

    all of a sudden, after i wet my feet, this mean dog that mommy called a Pittie (pit bull) came over. he snapped at me! it really scared me. Sissie snatched me right up, and mommy ran off the pittie. and the bloodhound - AGAIN.

    then we just walked around. i was a good girl, and stayed right with my humans. all the other peoples just loved me. i was a star for an hour!

    sissie is taking me back again right now. i'll have to tell you all how it goes later..........

    have a great day, puggies!!!
    ......deeply in love with & loved by my Li'l Bit......

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    So cute! I really must see pics next time lil bit:)

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