Agility competitions?
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Thread: Agility competitions?

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    Default Agility competitions?

    I think I need to put rebie in an agility competition. I know he would have to have a lot of training! But he is pretty nimble. he just cleared the baby gate with his kong in his mouth! I don't me that is a pretty good feat since the kong is not that small! He is one hard headed little joker, though. He wants to be with me but he wants to play with his kong. I don't want the kong and all the licking of said kong in my living room on my carpet. He won't just stay in the kitchen, so I put the gate up...he cleared it several times and refuses to accept that he must have the kong in the kitchen. He can be soo stubborn. So now, he is on top of his crate not even touching his kong. Sillly Rebbie!

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    LOL... either agility or competition obedience, which involves retrieving over jumps.

    Someone once said to me that seeing a pug doing agility is like watching a bumblebee fly -- it should be physically impossible so it's a wonder to behold. :)

    Let and Wally start in agility next week. We'll be sure to video Leto!!
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    No agility venues anywhere close by me, so I have "redneck" agility stuff up in our yard. Used PVC to make frames for circle jumps with pool noodles and hoola hoops, PVC for low jumps, flat square board for a "pause" table. I have a walk over bridge and I have found children's and cat tunnels to use. All my dogs love the tunnels once they get used to them. Pugs are usually pretty food motivated so teaching them to go over and under stuff isn't too hard. Not sure how old Rebbie is but, before starting any repetitive jumping, I'd have the vet check his knees to make sure that they are stable. Have fun. It's a great way to get your pug some great exercise and you too.
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    Stalin just had his first agility class. Great fun! The trainer said he has a great jump, I'm such a proud pug mom haha. Sounds like your little guy has a great jump, too!!
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