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Thread: Pug blog (going too far?)

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    Default Pug blog (going too far?)

    As a lot of people on this forum know, I write a blog about my pug, Bunk, and enjoy sharing his stories with my friends, family member, and dog lovers around the internet. My favorite posts to write are the misadventures of Bunk, written entirely from his perspective. However, my girlfriend and I have recently began writing about a variety of other topics such as pug health, pug food, and reviews of pug merchandise.
    I would like to know from the PugVillage community what you like reading most so I know where to focus my efforts.

    Just a warning about the blog: When I write from Bunk's perspective, I in no way represent how either I, or my girlfriend actually feel about the issues discussed. It is creative writing and should not be taken literally. That being said, I would like to know if the blog does go over the edge since I know a lot of families probably go on the site, and I don't want to freak too many people out.

    Blog post: The benefits of neutering a pug: there are none!

    Article: Pug Wrinkles

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    I for one, do not take things too literally...at all..LOL... Thanks for being a responsible Pug owner and actually doing the deed of neutering... Enjoyed the blog post...
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