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Thread: HELP!! Bugsy Just Hurt Himself!

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    Prayers going out to you and Bugsy. My first pug, Mugsy (a pound rescue), had bad luxating patella. I didn't even know what it was and the lousy vet he had didn't say anything either. Anyway, I guess over time his knees got locked, that made him walk funny and I guess affected his spine. One day he just couldn't walk any more. We got him a cart but probably not as soon as we should have because he was too weak in the front legs to pull himself around very much. I soon had to express his bladder and he would go poop while I was holding him. Pretty smart of him actually, so that he wouldn't sit in his own feces. We had a pretty good routine about it. I took him for acupuncture, water therapy and some massage. He still had a good appetite and was alert so kept him alive this way for about another 3 years. Family used to ask why I didn't put him down. Infuriated me! I hollered back at them, "You want me to smother him with a pillow?!!!" It just irked me so much to put down a beloved part of the family just because he couldn't walk (or pee on his own ) Big deal! Bugsy is a very, very blessed little man to have you looking out for him. Keep us posted on his progress, as I know you will.


    Hopelessly "Pugged" ,


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    That is good and bad news. I know you already know to watch for bowel or bladder involvement which could mean it's worse.Sounds like you saved his mobility by knowing what to give and having it on hand.I know in humans the rupture means the jelly like substance in the disc oozes out, the body will absorb it.The rest is to give the body time to do that without further damage to the nerves. The initial inflammation with the rupture causes the immobility. Prayers he heals quickly and is left with no residual damage.If this had to happen,it happened with the right person.
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    He seems to have control of his bowel and bladder, although he is EXTREMELY distressed that he can't hike his leg. He keeps trying anyway and falling, then gives up and squats. However I don't think he can hold it very long when he has to go.

    I am already noticing improvement from this morning to tonight. He is a little less stiff-legged and even trotted a tiny bit before I could catch him when I took him out to potty. He still walks like a drunkard though. When he squats to pee or poo, he will sometimes fall into a sitting position.

    he is enjoying the peanut butter Kongs.

    Take care,
    In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

    - Mohandas Gandhi

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    I'm so glad Bugsy's a little better, and the outlook is so hopeful! You knew just what to do! Your pups are all so lucky to have for their pugmom! Sending along lots of hugs, prayers, & positive thoughts that Bugsy will have a complete & uncomplicated recovery!

    Rugby 7/10/02 - 9/28/15 Miss you, little girl! You're always in my heart!

    Molly DOB: 7/6/04

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    Wow what a scare for you both. I'm so happy Bugsy is doing better. I will continue sending good vibes your way for you both.

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    Glad he's better. The last things to return after neurological (or even orthopedic) injury are kinesthesia (movement sense) and proprioception (awareness of still position), so he will likely look a little drunk for a while. Keep up the good work Bugsy!
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    Also Mom to Archer the Canadian X and Willow the Paint.

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    Great job, Lisa, on having the right stuff on hand and knowing what to do. So many Pugs elsewhere would have been SOL.

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