my pug's ribs are protruding!
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Thread: my pug's ribs are protruding!

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    Default my pug's ribs are protruding!

    in the reading i did before getting my little coby pugsly, i saw again and again that pugs are prone to obesity. this is my first dog, and i'm afraid to raise an unhealthy pet, and so i've been keeping to a strict diet of ProPlan (according to specifications on the bag for his size) and minimal treats (usually reserved for when he does something good).

    the bad news is that my doggy is always hungry and chewing on his bed. and though i know that's normal, now i see his ribs showing a little bit. it scares me because i don't want him to be malnourished.

    i've been walking him a couple of miles a day. and so he's getting plenty of exercise... should i feed him more because he's burning so many calories?

    -one clueless pug-daddy

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    How much does he weigh? How much is he eating now? How many calories is it? What age is he? He can just be gnawing for fun. Do you have him a bone or antler or bully stick or other toy for him to gnaw on? You don't want to see ribs although you may see the very last rib by his waist where it gets skinny. If he gets alot of exercise, then more food is required. During walking season where I live my pugs get 1 cup a day. When it's too hot for walking they get 2/3 cup a day of food. Just adjust his intake according to his activity level.

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    Do you have some pictures? As pugtown said you can sometimes see the very last rib, or the last couple of ribs if the pug is stretching out or standing up on his back legs. However you do not want to see the entire ribcage.

    It is healthier for dogs to be too thin than too fat (within reason) but it is important for a growing puppy to get good nutrition.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!

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    Don't go by the directions on the food, go by your dog's appearance. if he looks too thin...up it a bit, if he looks to pudgy, cut it. As was mentioned above, you may have to adjust for growth spurts, increases or decreases in exercise and aging.

    Just like people, dogs have different metabolisms too. My Marty is the smallest framed of all my pugs. He is at a lean and healthy 17 lbs. He gets a full cup per day of Orijen, a very densely caloric food. Ms. Peaches, who is also fine-boned and small framed is still a bit pudgy on half as much food. She can't lose weight for anything and Marty has to work to hold it.

    here is Cleo, showing a nice weight:

    Take care,
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    - Mohandas Gandhi

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    Do you have a picture you can show everyone?
    Our pug is 6 1/2 months and is around 11 pounds, which the vet says is a healthy weight.
    The vet also told us that a general rule a thumb with pugs is that if you can visibly see the ribs, your pug is too skinny, and if you can't feel the ribs, you pug is too fat.

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