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Thread: Are two pugs better than one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julesrb View Post
    I think the final thing I'd have to reconcile is that at the moment we have family who are happy to look after Doug if we go away for a night or two, or on holiday. But I can't expect them to look after two dogs necessarily, so they would have to go to the dog sitter instead. Or we have to take holidays in this country - which isn't always fantastic in the UK. I've already waved goodbye to lie-ins, can i also wave goodbye to long holidays abroad? hmm..
    Good question. The thought never crossed my mind myself when I toy with the idea with two. BUT, I think if you HAD TO find the right person to either come into your home, or send them to another place, I'm sure you could. I was in a situation like that with Spanky when he was young because I had to resume some sort of life with the husband and kids which included a vacation. Then lo & behold, a woman who works at a pet boutique told me about a place where she sends hers and it turned out to be a godsend. Point being, when/if the time comes, talk to EVERYONE you know and I'm certain an answer will pop up.

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    I've been meaning to ask the same question.
    I have a girl pug and she is 3 and a half years old. I got her when she was 3 months old and i love her more than anything. She sleeps with me and she follows me around all day.
    Me and my boyfriend intend to move in together and he loves our baby girl Lexxy to the moon and back.
    He was talking about getting another baby boy pug but i must say, i have so many concerns. As i said before, Lexxy sleeps with us (i'm not always able to sleep if i dont hear her snoring in my ear or dont feel her sleeping right next to me) but it can be really difficult for the three of us to get a full night's sleep, since my boyfriend isnt so used to her snoring or to her "pushing you around so she can sleep on the pillow". This considered, i was wondering what would another pug mean, will lexxy sleep with him in their bed, will they be both sleeping with us ? -because im not sure that after three years of sleeping in my arms lexxy will sleep on the floor. And im not sure i would want that.
    bassically, i am taking this idea into consideration because i am getting a 9-5 job and my boyfriend will too, and since Lexxy suffers from separation anxiety, i thought another pug would be a good ideea.
    But i have to mention, she is very jealous. I had a german sheppard, a boy and he was like 10 years old, he lived with my parents and every time we would go visit she would be the happiest And play with him and follow his lead and everything. Unless i would pet him alone, then she would come running and jump into my lap, just to make sure she's not being left out.
    I take all the fault in her behavioral issues and separation anxiety, but she is also full potty trained, she can sit, stay, play dead and all that.
    I am just afraid that she will get depressed or something like that, if we'll get a new pug.
    oh, and also, she has been spayed.

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