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Thread: dry cracked nose

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    I use Aquafor for Sophie and I seems to work very well at it seems to soak in quickly. She still licks it of course, but it usually clears it up in 2 applications or so.

    Im sure everyone's suggestions yield the about the same results though.


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    coconut oil does wanders and cheap too
    you need the pure coconut oil that you can get a health food place
    I have used it this past couple of months on a bulldog and it is great...it will absorb before they lick it off too

    my pugs do not have dry noses
    either does the other bulldog here
    A pugs world is full of play and sleep and of course good food.........

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    To instantly saturate (ingress) a dog’s dry nose use a plastic teat pipette to apply a few drops of ‘liquid oil’ such as organic coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil (some people use baby oil). Put the pipette into the oil then squeeze the bulb end to draw oil up into the pipette. For maximum control when applying the drops, hold the pipette near the dropper end, as you would a pen. We apply to our pug every 2 or 3 days. For speed and ease, we always keep some oil in an eggcup ready to go – see pic below. Aquafor is also a good shout.

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    Snout Soother

    Quote Originally Posted by Hutchebs View Post
    Gordie's nose is getting crackly and dry looking on top.We have our humidifiers going, but winter gets the best of everyone's skin here in Michigan in the winter. I have tried plain vaseline and vaseline with coco butter. He just licks the majority of it off. I have seen a product called " Pug Butter" on Etsy.. very cute packaging but a little pricey. Any suggestions?

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    I noticed this product on Amazon while looking for something else (we are getting a puppy in early November). Not sure how effective the product is, but based on this thread, dry, cracked noses are common?


    Maybe this is the same thing as noted above on Etsy.

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