Shipping Benny off to Grandmas for the holiday weekend
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Thread: Shipping Benny off to Grandmas for the holiday weekend

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    Default Shipping Benny off to Grandmas for the holiday weekend

    They hubs and i will be taking a 3 hour trip to see his parents over the long weekend. We simply can not bring Benny as he HATES going there. Poor Ben Ben was the doggy scape goat in the pack and was picked on and bullied by the other dogs for 7 years before he adopted me. So every time we go to visit, Benny goes to my grandmas. He LOVES it there when I say lets to go grandmas he freaks put and runs to the back door. And as soon as we get within 3 miles of her house he goes bananas in the car. She of course spoils him, buys him toys and junk food treats id never give him even if a gun was to my head. His picture is in a frame that says "My favorite grandson" I got it for her as a joke bu its on the mantle next to my pictures.

    When I come to pick him up he isnt even happy to see me. Little bugger!

    Bubba will be coming with as my MIL got a new puppy and Bubba needs some serious puppy play time. Poor bubba cant get benny to play so this 7 month old Sheltie is perfect for him.

    Any of your pugs have plans for the upcoming weekend?

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    I did the same thing to my mom. She has all the grand kids pics up and
    I got her a pic of Riley framed it and it sits with all the grand kids pics.
    Makes me laugh every time I see it.
    Riley has an appointment at the groomers Saturday and then off to the pet store.
    Gonna be very hot here this weekend

    Have a great one and be safe

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