Quick onset of Aspiration Pneumonia
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Thread: Quick onset of Aspiration Pneumonia

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    Default Quick onset of Aspiration Pneumonia

    New to community, should have joined years ago! But after this weekends events, I would like to share my story about my fighting pug, Max.

    Over the weekend, Max was being watched by my sister who was house sitting. On Sunday morning, she was getting ready to let him outside with my other dog (shep/husky). Both dogs typically sleep in the room with my fiance and I at night, so my sister brings them into the guest room with her at night to keep up same routine. When she woke up, she opened the door so that they could both go downstairs and wait by the door for her.

    She went downstairs to the door a few minutes later and noticed Max (pug) wasn't there waiting with Bella (shep/husky). She called on Max several time and noticed that he just wasn't coming. She went looking for him and found him in the office laying down in pile of yellow Fleming like vomit. She immediately cleaned his face and nose and contacted us. While on the phone with me, she noticed that his breathing had changed and asked what is the usual color of his tounge. I asked her to put the phone near his mouth so I could listen to his breathing. I immediately knew something was wrong. I informed her to call my mom to come over immediately and that I would be coming on asap. I was about an 1.5 hours away in Chicago. I told her to carry him downstairs outside to see if he'd use the bathroom. Nothing happened so she brought in back in. My mom kept me updated on his breathing status while I was driving home. If his health decreased she would take him to ER. Shortly before I arrived, my mom notice that his breathing become more labored. He kept taking short fast breaths.

    As soon as I got home, we immediately rushed him to ER. I called for him to come over to me by the door but he wouldn't move, so my fiance went to pick him up and take him to the car and noticed his bloated belly. My fiance held him during the car ride and we both noticed his breathing gradually become more rugged. With the humidity outside and it being hot, I think it added additional stress on his body during ride to ER.

    During his initial evaluation, the MD stated she thought it could have been heart failure or liver failure but additional test were definitely needed. She asked what happen, ask if we routinely vaccinated him and about prior medical history. He had no prior history with ragged breathing, he typically does not vomit and he gets his routine vaccinations once a year. We told the MD, that he does every once and a while cough and spit water out when he drinks it too fast. (Doesn't always happen, usually over summer when its warm.) When playing and chasing my other dog, he does breath heavier than normal but after a few minutes of cool down back in the house, he returns to normal breathing. He does have arthritis in his back knee and we do have to give him joint supplements, but other than that he's happy, healthy dog. He was fine the morning I left home and my sister ensured me that he showed no signs of anything being wrong during the day or those few minutes in the morning passed before she went downstairs to let them out.

    Sitting there waiting for what seemed like hours, MD brought us into area. The x-rays revealed, both his lungs contained a vast amount of fluid. The amount of fluid in his lungs was so severe, to the point where I couldn't determine the definition of his heart or lungs. The MD stated that his heart's right ventricle was fine and his preliminary diagnosis is aspiration pneumonia. They could not remove any of the fluid surgically as that would be to hard for him to recover from. MD determined, Max would be admitted to ICU, sedated to reduce the stress on his body from trying to breath so hard, supplied fluids and antibiotics and place into oxygen chamber. I have never been as frighten as I was during those minutes looking at his x-rays and seeing him being sedated and prepared. We were allowed to see Max several hours later he rested and the sedation wore off a little bit.

    Today, 7/16 is day two. This morning the MD called to provide status. Max's x-rays showed improvement - some of the fluid has been released. He was still dependent on the pure oxygen when he visited him this evening. The staff's goal tonight for Max - which big goal for us, is to see if he can successfully breathe in normal cage. This will mean huge step for us bringing him home by Wednesday. On Wednesday, another x-ray will be taken on his lungs. This image will determine if the antibiotics are fighting infections and helping him or if fluid should be tested. We hope the fluid keeps getting out of his lungs!

    Has anyone else been through this? I just want to ensure that he's getting best medical treatment!

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    I don't know anything about his illness but I hope he's much better and home soon.

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    Aspirated pneumonia is also common in people!!!

    It needs to be treated aggressively.........and the battle can be won!

    It's a fear I have in puppies....all the time...and in a puppy it is often fatal.....

    Ronda brought a 6 wk old puppy here. He just wasn't acting right....I held him.....and he threw up....I immediately put his head down so that he didn't aspirate more! He had aspirated sometime during the afternoon. We rushed him to the vet.....and fluid was found. He was put on meds and sent back home with us. By the next afternoon, he was acting like himself!

    I see your boy fighting this and doing well! Please assure your sister that it is nothing that she did or didnt' do.......that it just happens...and could very well have happened when you are there!
    Shayna Pugs
    Chairperson of PDCA Rescue Committee

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    My Sammy recently had it, luckily, his was a mild case and he recovered after spending only a day in the hospital.

    Have they determined what the underlying cause is? Did he aspirate water, vomit, food, etc? Does he have megaesophagus or a paralyzed larynx?

    Take care,
    In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

    - Mohandas Gandhi

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    This happened to my Bruno at the beginning of the year. He vomited a smelly pile of yuck that I suspect was poo. I pick it up twice daily, but he must have found or created a fresh batch that night =P The first episode was immediately followed by phlegmy yellow liquid. His breathing changed in an instant (noisy & labored) & he was in obvious distress. Grabbed him & off we went to the all-night clinic. X-rays showed aspiration pneumonia, which can be tricky to fight off because of the foreign matter inhalation. He was there nearly 2 days in an oxygen environment, with nebulizer treatments & IV drugs and fluids. Came home on a 10 day course of antibiotics and recovered beautifully.
    Aspiration pneumonia has such a quick onset, fast action is vital; Bruno was seen within 15 minutes of vomiting. I wish Max a speedy recovery & hope he'll be back to himself in no time!

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    I haven't had any experience with this but just wanted to send good wishes for a speedy recovery. I know this must be very scary. Please keep us posted.

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    Praying for Max's complete recovery.
    We never touch people so lightly that we don't leave a trace.

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    Poor boy. Sending our best wishes.

    Bella, mummy to Snifter and Toddy!


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    Do not have experience with this type of illness but I am adding my prayers that Max will be better soon and home with you.
    Ma to Joy
    MuShu & Kaya's Grand"Ma"'

    "A dog naps so much because he loves so hard."

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    I'msending positive thoughts for both Max and you. It' s gotta be scary.
    Chris, owned by Minni the diva, and "Sugar" Ray the ever hungry.
    Ray has since crossed the bridge but stays forever in my heart. I love you, Boo Boo. Oscar Wilde Thang has joined the family.
    DH to Ellen , DD to Lindsay and Carrie

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