I have a female pug, want to get a 2nd, unsure of which sex ?
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Thread: I have a female pug, want to get a 2nd, unsure of which sex ?

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    Question I have a female pug, want to get a 2nd, unsure of which sex ?

    hi :) i have an amazing wonderful female pug!! she is 1.5 yrs old & getting a little lonely!!! we have decided to get another puppy, but are unsure if it should be a male or a female.

    we know she'll get along with them either way. & were pretty sure there wouldn't be problems-- she is the biggest sweetheart. we wanted a female, but we can only find males in our area right now.

    our Ally isn't spayed (we are scared to put her under) but we will definitely be fixing our newcomer, male or female.

    so the question really is, if we get her a male will things be copesthetic?

    they're not gonna become addicted to humping eachother all day? (our Ally humps a lot)

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    I would suggest a male instead of a female. In my experience females have a tendency to be more dominate than males. Males can be as sweet as any female Pug, and I bet if you got a little brother for you little girl they would do great together. Of course, you would need to get him neutered when the time came, but that's best for his health and to keep him from marking anyway. Be very careful who you buy your puppy from. Have you considered rescue instead of buying? There are so many wonderful Pugs out there in rescue that would love a happy home. Good luck on your search.

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    As an owner of 2 females I would recommend a male. Good luck :-)

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    First off, you need to remember every dog has his or her own personality. That being said, you have a better chance of domestic tranquility getting a male to go with your female. IMHO, along with your new Pug you should have Ally spayed, you can't always control what (or who) she'll be exposed to. Pugs are notorious for being difficult breeders and I'd hate for her to develop medical issues from an accidental pregnancy.
    I also would like to suggest that you consider adopting a rescue Pug rather than buying a puppy. Younger Pugs are sometimes available through rescues and there are so many Pug ( and dogs in general ) in need of homes.
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    ditto on CSollers points...

    Rescue, spay and neuter all. You are saving them to do so.

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    2 girls here (and a 3rd boy in the near future) My first girl is alpha and a snob, we decided on a girl because we loved her so much, they will snuggle and sleep together and play, but they are definitely not a pair. I didn't want a boy because we loved our girl so much we wanted another just like her (impossible to do) and i love old lady names. I also believed that a boy would be harder to potty train, but from everything I've been hearing from male pug owners, boys are supposed to be easier, and the sweeter of the 2 sexes. And believe me, my 2 girls hump each other all day long, so that doesnt really matter! haha

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