puppy pestering senior dog
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Thread: puppy pestering senior dog

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    Default puppy pestering senior dog

    i have a wonderful 9 year old spayed female pug (cheyenne), and this silly, fantastic 10 month old neutered male pug (cody). cody is a pretty darn good puppy, and my only issue with him is that he CONSTANTLY harasses his older sister, who is patient and tolerant, but honestly in no condition to play 24 hours a day with a crazy little silly boy. he also likes to "hump" her (this started about 2 weeks ago and he thinks it's just AWESOME). cheyenne occasionally plays with him for about a minute, and then she's done, more or less just running away from him while he puppy-chews on her legs. i can tell cody "off" and he will walk away from cheyenne (even in mid-hump!), but we're still at the stage where i can't leave the room for a SECOND before he's all over her like a bad smell ("mommy's gone! where is my favorite toy!"). i know one day they will be great friends (they never hurt each other or make each other cry), but i'm curious if any of you have a great pep-talk (or timeline or funny story) that will help me to keep from getting frustrated when cody is chasing cheyenne around or when i find cheyenne wearing a humping cody like a hat... anybody else go through this? any estimate about WHEN it started to decrease? i know eventually the puppy play will be more respectful and i'll be able to walk out of a room. i'm just curious about how long that might take with these silly boys...

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    The key there is to integrate obedience lessons with the young dog and private time with you for the older dog. I don't like humping, don't permit humping, won't tolerate humping----and I have no trouble with dogs being humped. Ever. Increased walks on a leash as the day cools will also help.
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