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Thread: All feet must die!!!

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    When younger Minni had a thing for anything foot related, shoes, socks and of course feet. As she's grown she has zeroed in on socks. I can't take them off in the evening without a little tug-o-war and her chewing on them. At least one of my socks always ends up in the hall regardless of where I take them off.
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    marci - you may have something there! my older pug is so lazy i call her a throw pillow (because she lives on the couch)! cody is actually already lazier than she was as a puppy - he usually crashes for the evening around 8:00pm (like a rock, too, unbudge-able), and is happy to sleep in until 9:00am (minus the bedtime pee break and breakfast at 6:00 am, which he eats and then goes back to bed willingly). cheyenne was ALWAYS up at 5:00 am (and still wants to get up for breakfast that early as long as she can go back to sleep afterward) and would stay up all day until nearly 9:00pm. if she is lazy, cody is definitely going to be. he's a napper, to be sure. but i love the little mug, and i know the foot attacking is just a part of puppy play - he's not mean or aggressive about it. usually he likes to attack feet when you're rushing around (when feet are quick and irresistible), and even then, he's gotten much better than he was. he even leaves shoes alone better than he used to (which is fine - i figure if he steals shoes, it's just who he is, and it's not a big deal).

    thanks, y'all for sharing your stories. most days i just ignore the silliness and remember that one day he'll be old and slow and i'll miss his crazy puppy antics. some days i feel like we'll always be worrying about the same things. it's nice to hear that many of you know EXACTLY what i feel like and have managed to find common ground with your pugs. every pug is special - i'm so glad to have mine!

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