New Pug Owner Questions & Concerns
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Thread: New Pug Owner Questions & Concerns

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    Default New Pug Owner Questions & Concerns

    I do hope that this is the right place for this question. I apologize in advance if not.

    My wife and I are just slightly concerned about Nicholson when he is in his harness. I've read the many stories on here about pug hating their harnesses, but I just wanted to throw my situation in the mix, here. He is a one year old rescue pug.

    We went through two harnesses with Nicholson, and finally went with the Hip Doggie brand. The reason we've gone through so many is that he hates them all so much. He will walk (but try to shake it off) and when he gets back in the house he'll rub vigorously against the sofa to get it off. Also, he gets so depressed with it on. He will literally not eat, come to us, look at us, etc. He just becomes "super mopey pug that sleeps all day". He couldn't care less if we even leave him alone (and he always tries to follow us out).

    My main question is, do you think that the harness could be too small, and hurting him, or is he just acting out to get us to take it off?

    He weighs 24lbs, and we got him a Large. I think the sizing is quite similar to Puppia. I was worried about it being small, but my wife can tightly fit her fingers between the mesh and his skin. I will also add that he seems to be breathing just fine. No hacking or anything.

    If I take it off, he is just fine again. When it's on.... he's asleep and hating everything.

    Prentice, Jordan, and Nicholson Parton | Manhattan Beach, CA

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    Pugs that aren't used to collars or harnesses do that!!!! Leave it on for a certain amount of him special treats! Then take it off! Then leave it on longer and longer!!!

    They wrap us around their little paws easily!
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    I use an easy walk harness on Winston, and he hates it too... I normally have to chase him to get it on and he looks so upset/depressed when I catch him. He will do the same thing as Nicholson and roll around and rub on carpets or the couch. Generally he is fine once he gets outside and is on his walk, so as long as Nicholson is good with it while he's walking there shouldn't be a problem. He might have a few episodes while he is getting used to it where he might roll around on the grass like he is trying to get it off again but they should be come less frequent as he gets used to it. I have also tried an RC Pets mesh harness, and he reacted pretty much the same way but I had to stop using it because he pulls too much.
    I wouldn't leave his harness on in the house though, I've actually started letting Winston be completely naked at home (no collar either) and he definitely prefers it.

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    Both Luigi and Lucia wear a harness only when taking them for a walk. I take it off in the house. Don't give up on the harness. It is much better than choking your Pug with a collar! As a Pug parent you know best!!!

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    Tinker steps into her Lupine with no problem but it's only on when we take her out for a walk or ride in the car.
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    Dogs should always be naked indoors IMO. They can get caught on something and get badly hurt. We use the harness only for walks. We usually go for walks where the pugs love to be, like the forest trail. They are so busy they don't even notice the harness is on. They've learned to associate harness with fun walk, so they get excited whenever I bring them.
    Proud mama to puggies Winston and Ozzie, Slatan the Cat and Zino the horse.

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    Gizmo wears a collar 24/7 and we put a harness on him when we take him for walks and only then. At first he really disliked his harness but now I feel like he sees it as a good thing! He loves, loves, loves walks so when I say the word "walk" he'll run over and grab it out of his leash/harness box and bring it to me. Just give it time:) I'm sure he'll get used to it after awhile:) Until then, put it on for small increments (increase the time he has it on as you do it) at a time and give him treats for having it on!

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    Yeah, I noticed the first time I put a harness on my hyper Miss MuShu as a puppy, it calmed her way, way down. I wouldn't call it depressed, but just instantaniously calmed her as if going into Zen! I think what could be happening is that it is a similar response that autistic children get when they are anxious and when put in a stockade type gizmo (like cows go into before milking) or similar contraptions, instantly calms them! They do get used to the harness eventually but it still calms my MuShu to this day!


    Hopelessly "Pugged" ,


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