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    Default Possible new bug tomarrow

    I have been trying to decide for a week now on a brindle 3 month old bug! I was going to get her then I wasn't( not sure why I wasn't except all the health issues someone said they get) So I get on line and read till my eyes cross. I make contact with the gal selling the little girl to get information the drive for me would be 1 hour and 1/2 no biggie. She wanted to meet someplace but I need to see where the bug is actually living and how well the pups are being taken care of . Now tomorrow is the best day to get her if I am going to do this! Which mean I need to get a hold of the gal and make arrangements. My 16 yr old son will go with if I choose to do this and that will be fun.
    I am sorry I am rambling I have been up all night trying to make a decision. And I have come up with only one thing that MIGHT hold me back but it is not that strong lol, and that is the bug will be a little bigger then I thought. I have a Pomeranian and for some reason thought the bug would get about that size. Then I went on line to check out photos of grown bugs and they look kinda big, stocky BUT still very good looking dogs! So now I just need to hunker down and make my mind up.
    Geeeesh this is so silly of me. I have the money, I have the time, I have the room, and I defiantly have the love to give this little girl and she is a brindle I have always wanted a brindle of some kind. They are just so pretty. Well I think I did it I think I am going to call this gal and see if she still has the pup and if so make arrangements to get her.
    I already asked the question about potty training her in the cold in the health issues forum on here and got really good feedback so I feel confident.
    Ok all thanks for reading my rambling I will get back to everyone if I get her and I will post tons of photos.
    Have a great weekend and now I will try and nap before I actually start my day. which is in 1/2 hour.

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    Have fun, can't wait to see pics!
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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