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Thread: Seller wont meet me at her house

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    I bought Peanut from a breeder i found out They also did not want us to meet at their house, they met us at a local McDonald near by. They were a sweet old couple who asked us a billion questions to make sure we thought we would be able to take care of all the responsibilities of a pug. The other pups she posts seem very well cared for. I don't necessarily think its anything to worry about. Sometimes, breeders live someplace difficult to find, and how many people really want strangers off the internet knowing where they live? I for one would never meet someone at my house. Give the puppy a good home :)
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    Thanks well the puppy did not work out I was very willing to meet her outside the home after much advice from others on the forum. The kicker was that she was asking 200.00 and that was for the pup and the 1erst shots and the worming. I was totally ok with that. But I did want a copy of the paperwork of the shots and worming so I could give to my vet. My vet said make sure I get those and to be wary if they do not provide them. So I called back and got directions on where to meet her and it was 15min from her house, when asked her to bring me a copy of the vet paper work she said she did not have it. So I then told her I had a fax machine and could she call her vet and give them my fax number and have them fax it to me. She did not want to do this and was upset I asked, then asked for a extra 25.00$ for her gass to meet me at the destination she pick. At that point I was pretty sure this was not on the up and up. So I passed and thanked her for her time and said this was not going to work.
    I then came back here to the forum and told what happend and how disapointed I was. Well I am pretty sure it was that same day I made the post but a member on here, who is my hero, told me of someone she new who had a rescue in Indiana. I had also mentioned that I had checked for rescues in my area and the human society and could not find a pug. So she said she knew of one but was not sure where it was or if it would work. But this person she knew JUST went and got a pug from a shelter and was bringing it home. So she gave me the information and after many emails and posts I now am a proud owner of a male about 1 year maybe a litttle older pur pug ( which did not matter to me) he is a Fauwn and his name is Cruiser. He has all his shots, nutered, and microchipped! And he is a great price. He is 3 hours away from me but my husband and I are going to leave this Thursday and go get hotel and hang in the city of Columbus Indiana, have a date night and then go get hiim on Friday and head home. So it all worked out perfectly. Ido understand about not wanting to meet at the house. But the other things just made it a little to weird.
    Thank you for your post . Have a great x-mas
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    It looks like you were supposed to add Cruiser to your family. PV is a great group of people!!
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