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Thread: potty question

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    Default potty question

    I have a 15 month old spayed female pug. (my first pug, ive had her since she was 6 weeks) She is VERY O.C.D. about where she goes pee. Once she finds a spot, she spins and spins and twirls and half-squats then decides it isnt the right spot and then goes to find a new one and it can sometimes take forever! She isn't so weird about where she poops though. Oh! and, she will ONLY pee and poop in bushes! never on regular grass or in the house on the potty pad. (which is a bit annoying because it makes it hard to pick up after her poops!)

    ANYWAY! my problem is....she holds her pee for hours and hours sometimes! For instance, I live in Sacramento...a few times we have driven to San Diego to visit family, which is about an 8 hour drive on average. She will NOT go potty anywhere along the road or at rest stops when we stop for gas. She holds it all the way until we get there.

    Sometimes, she will go pee around 6pm, and not go again until like 2pm the next day! I take her out a few times in between and she just wont go. It drives me insane because I worry about her little bladder!

    I have tried rewarding her with a treat when she goes...

    I've also tried punishing her for not going. (<- which to be honest was only once because I just can't stay mad at her...)

    I've tried giving her dog treats that has cranberry in it, but she doesn't like it. :(

    ANy other suggestions?! I worry she will get a UTI or bladder infection from holding her urine so long.

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    Increase her water intake, what goes in must come out! Flood her food with water and I use a smaller water dish with a pinch of tuna or chicken in it to get more water in Tinker. I do that 4-5 times a day. Tinker was a non drinker and somedays only peed twice a day. She developed stones. Now everyday I monitor her intake of water and she pees because she has too! She also takes forever to "find" the right spot. I would have peed myself if I took as long as she does to decide where to go! Good luck.
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    I think this is a fairly common thing, especially with young female dogs. If they are used to only going in a certain place or only on grass, some will hold out for a long time. My boston terrier was that way when she was younger...would only go on grass so when we traveled to the beach, I ended up having to let her pee on peoples lawns and hope they catch us lol. As she got a little older, she finally decided it was okay to go in other places....such a relief!
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    Sophie does the spin, spin, half squat and start over thing still. She's almost 3 years old. She isn't quite as picky as she used to be though and will pee other places besides our backyard. She has recently begun marking though and will pee on Oscar's pee and he'll then pee on her pee, etc. It's actually a good thing to have her marking and I never thought I'd say that, not ever!

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    Harriet at 10+ months old, has recently started the "got to find just the right spot" thing, even first thing in the morning when I know she really has to go...as a younger puppy, she would immediately go, and that was great! This is another part of her "got to control everything" phase...hopefully, it too shall pass.
    Had the same problem with my Pug, Pearl when she was a youngster...would NOT go till all was perfect.
    I learned to be patient (after many not so patient times), and eventually she would go...think it must be a phase that females go through...never had the problem with my males!
    As someone said, water her lots...what goes in must come out!
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