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Thread: Does your pug try to swallow things whole...?

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    Our vet suggested dental food (big, hard pieces that are supposed to scrape tartar when chewed) for Leto. We couldn't give it to him, he didn't chew it at all, and i was afraid of what it would do to his gut going through.
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    Bailey isn't too bad with the gulping, but he does inhale his food and treats. Peyton, on the other hand, is a major gulper. Many of the horror stories I read on this thread have happened - trying to swallow a hunk of chicken, a half-eaten 6" bully stick... So, I am very careful with any consumable items I give them and always supervise very closely.

    Marrow bones and recreational bones with very little meat left have saved my sanity. :) I can give those without a concern of gulping or choking. And I can already see where tartar is being scraped off since we have started on the recreational bones.
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    Ozzy is also a gulper. We only give him the really long chews (straight and 10 inches long). We watch closely and take them away at about 5 inches. He had to have an X-Ray after swallowing one of those cute little bone chewies whole. Luckily he was able to digest it but he had diarrhea for several days. Vet said some dogs are gulpers. Think it is a pug thing. Ozzy also eats kleenex and any type of paper he can get a hold of. You have to be on constant guard. He would eat anything....fuzz, soap, dust balls.
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