I'm taking my 2-year-old pug on a plane
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Thread: I'm taking my 2-year-old pug on a plane

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    Default I'm taking my 2-year-old pug on a plane

    ...And I'm very worried about it. I've heard the nightmare stories of pugs, and other snub nosed breeds, not making it in the cargo hold. So I'm trying to book a flight on an airline that will allow Coby to travel in the main cabin.

    Do any of you have experience with flying with your pug? This will be a very long flight -- 12 hours. I'm so worried about not being able to open the cage he's in. Where will he pee and poop? Coby is already a very anxious/scared doggy. I'm afraid this will traumatize him.

    Please oh please send your suggestions. He must go on this flight...

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    I would never let my dogs travel in the cargo hold, ever. If something happened to them there, I would not be able to forgive myself. Since Coby is an anxious dog, I believe this is even more vital, because anxiety and quick breathing can become very dangerous. If I understand correctly, their already tight airways can swell, causing them to die of asphyxiation.

    12 hours is a very long flight. I'm wondering, if there is any way for you to divide the trip into two parts, so that he can at least get a potty break? Apart from that, I don't have a solution for you. The cages you bring in the cabin are pretty small and have to be stored under the seat usually, so I doubt there's room for a pee pad. He'd be lying in his own pee and poop.
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    If you must fly start putting him in the carrier you plan on having him travel in for short periods weeks in advance to get him used to being so confined. The airlines specify the size of the carrier so make sure you check for that. Will the airline let you give him water and let him out for brief times? Can you fly at night so he would normally be sleeping? Please investigate any other way to travel with him also.
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    If you cannot carry him with you.....See if there are any small planes that carry dogs to and from places. This would be better than in the cargo hold. There are special airlines in the States that do this.

    You need a cloth carrier that will fit under the seat in front of you. I have the large Sherpa bag. Don't put the fleece at the bottom of it...get a cool pad. Also have a small battery operated fan that you can put blowing into it from the outside. Talk to your vet about meds that might relax him while flying. Most dogs just relax and sleep the entire way. If he potties in it...so be it. It's a LONG trip! If there is a flight change...see if you can get him outside for a quick potty.

    Start putting him in the carrier in the house with treats......then take him for rides in it........

    I've flown with Isis...and taken a 6 hr trip...longer with being at the airport early...with Ben and he did fine!
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