Introducing Jinx!! Personality and Habits (PUPPY PHOTOS)
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Thread: Introducing Jinx!! Personality and Habits (PUPPY PHOTOS)

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    Talking Introducing Jinx!! Personality and Habits (PUPPY PHOTOS)

    (A side note before I begin... I'm from New Zealand so while it's Sunday for most of you in the states, I'm a day ahead... Just to avoid confusion)

    I figured I'll post something while the little one is out cold on my bed!

    I picked up my little Puffin (Pug x Griffon), Jinx, on Friday 20th December (2013) so just in time for Christmas! She was born on the 23rd of October (8 weeks now). So she's been home with me for a few days now and is already the little princess in the house.
    She's the only dog we have and my Dad was a little anti-pug (he would prefer something he can take on his mountain bike rides) but I brought her home and she turned everyone to putty!

    Who could resist that face?!

    So far her bad habits include; Chewing on hands/toes/shoelaces/faces (if she can reach them), Crying all through the night (she's slowly improving, she just a bit needy) and trying to steal clothing.
    She hasn't had too many accidents (thank god we have wooden floors) and she mostly uses either the newspaper I've laid down or the absorbent training pads.

    She is the most outgoing little pup. We have a 5 year old cat (who is about 8kg and 6x larger than Jinx) who is incredibly grumpy, but our little pup is just fearless. Shes super playful but when she gets tired she knows who mummy is! She will pick up one of her plush toys (her favorite is a little red dragon) then find me so she can curl up in my lap! Shes just precious!

    Jinx and her toy dragon..

    She's been sleeping through the night from about 10pm til around 4-5am in her play pen. Unless she is incredibly tired, she will refuse to sleep and will cry constantly so we're trying to sort out her sleeping patterns at the moment... She does sleep a little better if I put her soft carry cage in the play pen with her, I guess she likes the feeling of being surrounded.

    Once she wakes up, so do we! She will not settle down until me (or my partner) picks her up for a cuddle. From 4-5am until 8am she will sleep in our bed cuddled up to us and she has been very good, no accidents so far! She's a very affectionate girl!

    I know she isn't a pure pug, but I hope her stories and photos are still welcome here! I'm sure there will be many more to come!

    That's all for now! Please share your opinions below! I'd love to make some Pug Village friends as I don't have any friends who own pugs!

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    PUG MOM to Minnie Pearl and Tatorbug.

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    Welcome! Jinx is a cutie, I think you'll find that we are not very species prejudiced around here.
    Chris, owned by Minni the diva, and "Sugar" Ray the ever hungry.
    Ray has since crossed the bridge but stays forever in my heart. I love you, Boo Boo. Oscar Wilde Thang has joined the family.
    DH to Ellen , DD to Lindsay and Carrie

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    That has to be one of the cutest faces I've ever seen...Jinx is absolutely adorable!!!

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    She sure is cute!

    Christa, Mom to Toby, Kelsey, Summer & Ellie Mae

    missing Riley and Roxy, who are at the bridge
    and my precious Bella 11-2-07 - 05-6-12

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    Adorable pics :)

    Star ~ Mom to Phoebe the Pug and the feisty felines, Garbo & Jubei
    "Owning a dog is slightly less expensive than being addicted to crack.
    ― Jen Lancaster

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    She is utterly and completely adorable! Who would not fall in love with that sweet face.

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    Hello and to PugVillage. So glad you and Jinx have joined us. My, oh my, she is adorable - such a precious and expressive face. Thank you for posting pix right away. We do love photos here.
    We never touch people so lightly that we don't leave a trace.

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    Hello & to the village! So glad you joined! Thanks for posting pics right away, we love them! Jinx is just darling!
    Jackie,Mom to Robbie & Stacy my human children and Tinker my furkid.

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    Very cute puggy

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