Getting a pug soon but reallly need your help!
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Thread: Getting a pug soon but reallly need your help!

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    Question Getting a pug soon but reallly need your help!

    Hi everyone,

    I will be getting a pug puppy in July hopefully (if I have found a suitable breeder who has puppies available then) because I work in a school and that's right before the huge summer break.

    I have been reading up a LOT on various problems and just want to check a few things with you guys so that I can find a good breeder. Please help!

    First of all I will be looking for the 'common sense' things when I visit them, such as how/where they have been brought up so far, checkng the mum and dad out, looking for any visible health issues, why they have been bred and whether I can return the puppy for a full refund if my vet's check comes out badly etc etc.

    I will also need to find out, as much as possible, any health issues the puppies might have in the longer term. I understand that being kennel club registered (mum, dad and pup) only guarantees that the pug is pure pug and doesn't guarantee against hereditary conditions. I read that the parents can be tested for hemivertebrae via x-ray and pug dog encephalitis via dna testing. Are these 2 tests what it means when adverts refer to the sire being "fully health tested"?

    Or are there other problems they can health test for in the parents and pup too? What tests should I definitely make sure have been done so that I'm not as likely to spend thousands down the road on expensive surgeries?

    I am in the UK if that makes any difference (?) and really want a happy healthy pug but I am just not sure what I can expect from the best breeder. Hope someone can fill me in! Thanks!

    (Any other advice for a new pug owner greatly welcomed!)
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    you should definitely ask them what they mean by 'fully health tested'. It may or may not mean both of those tests were carried out.

    It's worth asking about soft palate surgeries that the parents may have had, I don't think there's a test for it, and I'm not sure if it's inherited in a simple way, but it's something I'd want to know about. It may not deter me from getting the puppy, but still, better to be prepared.

    Breeders that I'd consider good breeders show their dogs. All of their breeding dogs, males and females, to make sure they are the best possible representatives of the breed. This is one way to help find a breeder. It may even be a good idea to go to a dog show or two, and talk to the breeders there. Not all of their puppies will be show puppies, most litters have several 'pet' pugs that will still be super puggies, just not exactly what would be perfect for a show ring. (or you could get a show pup if that's what you're after).

    Personally, I like to see the breeder doing things with their puggies too - something like obedience or rally or agility or therapy dog work. But then, this is my own preference, and has nothing to do really with what makes a good breeder.

    There is absolutely nothing on this planet that can give you a 100% guarantee that there won't be expensive surgeries down the road, but it sure sounds like you're doing the right thing to minimise this risk :)
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    On the PV home page there are links to several articles about breeders. Good luck and thanks for doing your homework. Getting a Pug puppy from an irresponible breeder can be heartbreaking because you'll bond instantly and the chances for health issues are greatly enhanced.
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