Pug poops when they got excited???
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Thread: Pug poops when they got excited???

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    Lightbulb Pug poops when they got excited???

    Hi there, I'm Wenny, from China, please ignore my grammar. Well, I got my little girl half month ago and she is 1 year old. She is potty trained and regularly pees and poops twice a day, one in the morning and one at night. It happens one thing last night so I think I should post it ask for some advice. Last night, hope was sleeping in her bed, I noticed that there was a exhausted fly on the floor, it wakes her up, and she was scared by this fly! She was running around and looks very excited, she jumped on the sofa and hiding on my back, I know she was scared! She doesn't want to go her bed and even touch the floor! I caught the fly and show it to her let her know that I got it. But suddenly it dropped!! It scares her again, she jumped off the sofa and poops in front of me !!! I have seen the video on Youtube that a pug scares by its owner and poops immediately!! Someone said dog poops when they get excited(people also). Sounds funny And this is the third time she poops in the house, but I took her outside like half hour ago and she doesn't poop... I don't know should I set up the pad for her potty in the house just in case? But I am afraid it will make her only potty in the house...
    The weird thing is... she likes to catch the flies even use her mouth....how can she scared by a fly that can not fly???!!
    Anyway, please give me some advice, I know she is a good girl, I want to know I need make a bathroom for her in the house or not..?

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    Hi Wenny! to Pug Village!

    I'm not sure why this fly scared her....maybe it was making noise as it struggled on the floor and it surprised her because she was asleep.

    Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion but I am thinking that taking her outside one more time a day might help her. Maybe she wasn't ready when you went outside but then later she was. I do think being surprised or scared can make them lose control sometimes. If that's why she's doing it a pad probably won't help her much because she won't get to it in time.

    Good luck!

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    Pooping from fear or extreme excitement is a natural response and I doubt that in that moment she will think to run to her potty, even if you train her to use one! They just tend to do it right then and there! What might be able to help is if you make sure she gets enough exercise during the day, or a good long walk at the end of the day, as that can help stimulate the bowels...though twice a day is a normal amount! Feeding strictly at specific times (rather than leaving food out all day) can help you better predict when she will have to go.

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    My boy pooped while being held during a nail trim
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    My foster dog got so excited and barked so hard while I was filling food bowls this evening, he pooped in the doorway. It just sort-of popped out of him.

    He is housebroken, but it had rained here (and they hate anything wet), and I had been gone several hours. Poor baby couldn't contain himself!

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    Unfortunately this can also be a sign of a neurological issue. A check with the vet would be a good idea, also keep an eye out for difficulty jumping, awkward gait, especially in the back legs and unusual wear patterns in the back nails or sores on the tops or sides of the back legs.

    Take care,
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    Hi, Wenny! I would not set up a pee pad indoors. Once they start pot tying indoors, it's very hard to get them to stop. It's always harder to stop a learned behavior than it is to teach it in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pugtown View Post
    My boy pooped while being held during a nail trim
    Lucy pooped on her daddy during a nail trim, too!
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