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Thread: lollypug

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    Default lollypug

    lollypug is finally behaving like a normal dog after we got her from adoption agency, who rescued her from a puppy mill. one year ago last month.

    have question; i'm considering again to clip her nails myself. i did this many years ago and apparently cut too close and pup was hurt, that broke my heart and i vowed never to do again.
    if anyone has any comments to share on correct way to clip nails, please advise. and more importantly please advise a good file clipper to purchase and use.

    have a blessed day,

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    I'm so glad she's settling in! I don't clip Tinker's nails because she's too squirmy and I'm afraid I'll hurt her. Lots of folks do on here and I'm sure they'll chime in.
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    Does your pug have clear or black claws? If clear, look for the quick (white stripe within the nail) and make sure you don't clip back far enough to hit that. If the nails are black, it's almost impossible to know where the quick is so just clip little bits at a time. Go slowly and use lots of yummy treats so she will associate nail trimming with good stuff!
    We use a Dremel instead of a clipper. That allows us to grind off a little at a time and smooth the edges. My husband is the one who does nail trims and he sits the pug on his lap facing out, pug's back to husband's stomach. He uses one arm to hold the pug while his hand holds the paw to be trimmed. The other hand holds the dremel. He does very short grinds on each nail on a paw and then goes back over them again before moving on to the next paw.
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