Nail cutting - Or limb ripping as Emma would call it lol
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Thread: Nail cutting - Or limb ripping as Emma would call it lol

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    Default Nail cutting - Or limb ripping as Emma would call it lol

    When Emma was a baby (still is but you get it..) I used to be able to cut her nails while she was asleep.She used to lay next to me and I could get it done without her even noticing.Now? Now she acts like I am about to dismember her with a rusty chain saw! lol.
    I only have to touch her paws and she FREAKS out! This seemed to happen over night and for no reason, I just cannot cut her nails! Until now I have been taking her to the vet to get it done because I just couldent do it, but now when we get near the clinic she freaks out then too.Two vet techs hold her still while the vet quickly does her nails and she SCREAMS the entire time.From the waiting room it sounds awful! I´ve tried doing it with my husband and there´s no way, it´s like trying to hold a bull down! lol
    I´ve tried wrapping her in a towel, filing her nails, but she is SO strong and she REALLY really hates it.WTH??
    Is this just Emma or is this a pug thing? How on earth do I do her nails!???
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    Hi Gina,
    I too was able to cut my pug's nails when he was younger without a problem. I started getting him used to the Dremel as soon as we got him home (he was 8 weeks), fast forward until he turned 9 months, he decided he didn't like the Dremel anymore. My husband and I tried doing it on our own, but little pugs can fight, and at the end we are exhausted (the 3of us). Then we decided to take him to the groomers, he gets so anxious, pants a lot and fights fights fights like he is about to get murdered. So I decided that was too much stress for him and rarely the groomers did a good job with his nails anyway. My next stop was the Hardware Store, I bought one of those square wood planters, some heavy duty tape and sand paper (fine grid). I taped the sand paper to all four sides of the box and put all his toys in it, he always scratches it to get our attention and help him get the toys out. The result: filed nails. Sometime they are a bit uneven and you have to be careful and always supervise him with the box in case he scratches too much and hurts himself (it has never happen with Papaya, he stops scratching once he is too close to his quicks). So that solved the front paws nails, my pugs back nails take forever to grow, we go on very long walks everyday (on concrete and dirt) and that seems to help a lot. Then, last month, I was using a sanding sponge to fix a scratch on a door and he decided he liked the sanding sponge hahaha so I bought a couple more and use them to sand his nails while he sleeps, he doesn't care at all. I know, it's funny. I like his nails very short, never touching the ground and rounded edges... With the sanding toy box, long walks and the sanding sponge I have achieved it!... Every pug is different, but maybe the little tricks I use can work for yours as well. Good luck!
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    It's a Pug thing! Oscar dislikes it greatly, but I've always been able to do his. When I adopted Sophie she wouldn't have anything to do with it and would fight me to the point that we would both be sweating and out of breath. At the time she was only about 14 lbs and I couldn't believe such a small creature could put up such a fight!! So I started putting her harness and leash on and I tied her to the kitchen cabinet so she couldn't move. I would kind of squoosh her up against the cabinets, talk sweet nothings to her while I clipped her nails and give her treats and praise when I was done.

    After about 4 months of doing it that way, she was getting better so I tried it the way I do Oscars and that is with me sitting on the floor and him upside down on my lap his head toward my knees. She would still grimace and pull her feet, but I could get through them without a fight. Now, she is better than Oscar and just lays on my lap and waits for me to finish so she can have her treats. It was an insane ride though!!

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    Logie is the same, that's why I leave such beautifying to the groomer!
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    Wasabi wears his down I'm not sure why I am so lucky but there it is! LOL We walk about 2-3 miles a day mostly on concrete paved surfaces so that must be what is doing it. Now ask me about eye drops.....that was like trying to boat a marlin!

    A neighbor who has a 12 year old pug showed me how to put the drops in.....yes he fought me that hard! She sits on a lower step of a staircase (narrower the better) puts him between her legs holding him in a modified head lock with his back legs dangling. This might work for you if one is holding and the other clipping?
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    It seems pretty common for "teenagers" to suddenly decide they don't like something that they were fine with before... that could be the case with Emma and she's going through a phase. But, it's also really common for pugs to hate having their feet messed with! We use a dremel and lots of treats. Nilla puts up with it, but doesn't enjoy it. Wonka is a drama-queen and he has to wear his Thunder Shirt to calm him down for nail trims.

    I love the idea of a "sanding box" - I've read about similar ideas in the magazine Whole Dog Journal and it could be a great way to have a dog file their own nails.
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    It's definitely a pug thing! We've been going to the vet's for quite a while now to get Tinker's trimmed.
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    Mine act like the world is coming to an end! I use a Wizard brand dremel tool, it has a long wand so the noisy part is on a towel on the floor. Does not matter I just hold on and go, seems cruel but they live and of course demand treats! I tried PetSmart they brought them back out so fast I knew they had just ground fast and hard, two had nail bleeds really POed so free toys and treat. Vet does it free if you purchase but I usually don't have them with me so I try to remind myself to dremel at least every other week. We live in the country so there is not a lot of walking space on concrete.
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    Every Pug I have had, and I have had 5, would not let me near their nails. so, I have to think it is a bit of a Pug thing.

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    Penny is very bad about it. My friend who is a vet from the Philippines and living here in Canada, so she is still working on getting recertified here, tried twice to do them and we all looked like we were cut up from a shark. It was very bad especially the second time. We have tried the vets and groomers and every one says she has recall memory the first one is not great but manageable but next try forget about it. I like the planter box idea and the sandpaper sponge. Her back nails seem fine but we all think she just floats on her front pads and nails never touch the ground. She does about 6 miles a day most of it concrete or asphalt.

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