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Thread: New York to California travel with a pug

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    I agree with shaynapug, 30 lbs is big to be under a seat. I know pugs are stocky and all muscle but even then. I travel in cabin with my pug (he is 19.5 lbs) in a Large Sturdibag, which is very flexible and fits fine under the seat (I've only travel AA and never choose an aisle seat cuz space is very reduced there). My pug is 14 inches from withers to begining of his tail and the Large Sturdibag gives him enough room but that's it. Most airlines have a weight limit, AA used to be 20 lbs, but now the webpage doesn't state a limit. My dog and his carrier have always been weighted at check in (on international flights) and I've been asked if he is comfortable but I know most airlines don't weight them or ask any questions on flights within the U.S. Still I think 30 lbs is too much, I don't think your pug will be comfortable in a carrier (the XL Sturdibag maybe, but it's HUGE! and I wouldn't risk it) and under a seat. Add to that that airplanes are not well ventilated while in the tarmac and taxiing and that's not good for an already stressed dog, let alone a pug with difficulty breathing and controlling its temperature.
    I always try to get a layover in Dallas because it has an inside security pet relief area. During this layover I usually give Papapaya a Benadryl pill if our next flight is an overnight one or more than 6 hours. He is very comfortable in his carrier, is his safe place, which is why he never barks or whines once in the airplane. I take with me a little battery operated fan, treats and ask the flight attendant for ices cubes to keep him hydrated. You need to prepare for this kind of trip with a lot of advance if it's the first time traveling with a dog.
    If you don't have a valid medical condition and your dog is not needed as an Emotional Support Animal, I would not try to cheat the system, I find it rude and disrespectful towards people with real medical issues. There's so many people doing this, even just to avoid paying the fees, that I'm sure airlines will be more and more strict, for sure affecting people with real disabilities.
    I'd recommend you and your dog take a road trip... Start your research for pet friendly hotels and nearby dog parks, I'm sure your dog won't complain about it :)

    Good luck!
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    Thank you everyone for all your advice and help! ..Going to vet tomorrow and will see what she recommends. Will keep you updated ! :)

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