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Thread: Freshie!

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    Last edited by Princess' Palace; 10-25-2005 at 07:04 AM.

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    What a cute picture! Actually, I am sure that with a face like that, she could not possibly have peed on the carpet-even if you personally witnessed it, you must be mistaken!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Princess' Palace
    Okay so how do I make the pictures that I post larger?
    If you click on the picture in shutterfly and it will make the picture bigger. Copy the properties from the bigger picture and paste it and it should show up bigger. If I lost you, sorry.

    Princess is adorable and I am sure she did not piddle on the carpet. Must be spilled Mt. Dew or something.
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    No face that sweet could ever pee on a carpet.

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    Princess is a pretty little pug, but she don't let that sweet face sway you. She peed on my carpet but tried to blame it on Murphy when she was here. He in turn passed the buck to Maxwell the Cat who then in turn pointed a paw at Hippie. Hippie decided it was best to take the blame and nap it off.

    But I didn't get mad when she piddled at my house - how could you be cross with that cute little face? I just gave her a kiss, grabbed the nature's miracle and did my duties as servant to my animals. I'm a loyal subject.

    Keep the pictures coming Rob!
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