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Thread: on way!

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    Any advise would be greatly appreciated. We are expecting a baby in 6 weeks. We have a beautiful black pug called Millie who we adore. She is slightly crazy though!! Probably our own fault as we should have trained her. She barks constantly (animals on the TV, other dogs, when she doesn't get her way etc). She runs out the back door and chases her tail. She squels at us if we don't give her some of our food. She us used to other dogs as she is constantly with her cousins. Basically she's a real handful. She has a tiny bit of jack Russell in her so maybe that could be it too plus again I must stress we are not strict enough with her so it's probably us that has created this little monster!!!

    Anyhow I want to stress we love our dog and that will not change when this baby arrives. She is a massive part of our lives and we want our baby to grow up with her and love her like we do. I must add, also Millie is not vicious in any way and I'm not worried about her temperament. But I do know we will have to make some changes around the house (Millie has the run of it!) Our house is quite small too so this doesn't help.

    Has anyone any advise on how to make this transition a little easier. I don't want Millies life to change much but we need to set some boundaries!!

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    One of the thing my kids did when they had their baby was to take a blanket to their dog. One of the blankets the baby was wrapped in in the hospital I believe. They gave it to their dog and when the baby came home the dog knew who it was right away, introductions were very easy and the dog immediately became the baby's protector. I thought this was a great idea.
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    Gosh - it's nearly four decades ago when my first son was born, but I don't recall that we essentially changed anything much in our dogs daily routines. They watched with great interest while I fed the baby - the biggest problem being stopping the bitch (who'd previously had a litter of puppies) from stealing the soiled nappy whilst I was changing him, or trying to get her head in to clean him up like a puppy! She was instantly very maternal towards the baby.

    Admittedly they were both show dogs and fairly advanced obedience dogs (bearded collies) so were very well behaved and totally non-aggressive, but our only really important rule was that they were never, ever, even for a second left unattended with our children. Once the children were old enough to fully understand that the dogs were not toys and to be treated with due respect when they played together then the rule gradually got relaxed.

    Congratulations on your forthcoming bundle of joy!

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    I have heard it helps to play a recording of a baby crying......and then to hold a doll or baby on your lap so they learn it's okay.
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    It's not too late to start training her! And keep training.....dogs like knowing what their boundaries are, & how they are supposed to behave. Patience, repetition, & consistency are key in training. How old is she? Sounds young, & if so, she will grow up in time.....I 2nd Diane's suggestion to get a doll & start practicing some of the movements, etc, you will be doing when your baby comes. Put a little baby powder on it, so your Pug can get used to some of the smells, etc. When you lay the doll down, teach your Pug to keep a certain distance away, & to come near only when invited, & to be gentle. As your baby grows, you'll have to supervise very carefully because little fingers can easily poke a Pug's eye, causing a lot of damage. Always supervise--they should get along fine. If you need some time for baby to crawl around a bit, you could put a gate across your kitchen or something, so both can have a bit of time "on their own" for a little while.....And do bring the baby's hat or blanket or something home from the hospital before baby actually comes home, so Pug can have a little time to get used to the smell, then when baby arrives, she won't be so surprised.
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