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Thread: It can happen so fast...

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    Exclamation It can happen so fast...

    The duplex we live in has a fenced wooden privacy fence. I let Henry & Rudy outside to go potty, and I decided to go inside and use the restroom myself. I came back to let them in no more then 5 minutes later, and Rudy dashed in the house, barking like a mad pug. No sign of Henry. I called for him & then noticed a loose board at the back of the yard.

    I ran inside and got my shoes, and ran back outside, I ran straight for the busy street that is behind our duplex. I nearly fell down trying to get out there fast. I was yelling Henry's name.

    Then I saw a car stopped by the side of the road, and a lady was kneeling down with Henry. I thought my heart was going to stop. I ran up and she said, "is he yours?" I said "Yes, is he ok???"

    She said he was ok, but had been panicking & about to run into the busy street. She said she carries dog treats with her, so she stopped her car & gave him one while she tried to figure out what to do next.

    I think that lady was Henry's special guardian angel. If she hadn't stopped for him....I don't even want to think about it. I can't stop crying, I was so scared.

    This is a lesson learned, even if you do have a fenced still isn't always safe for them. Jeff is in Wichita now at his new job, so my sister is going to come over tomorrow evening to help me check all the boards and nail or screw in any loose ones. All it took was one little loose board.

    I feel so fortunate that nothing happened to him. In a matter of 5 minutes I could have lost my sweet Henry. All because I had a false sense of security about the fenced yard. Now I know to check the fence regularly, if there is a way out they will probably find it.

    My head is pounding, now I just need to relax.
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    Thank goodness he is okay. Take a deep breath. I truly believe things happen for a reason and that lady was there to keep Henry safe. Hold your babies close to you tonight.
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    Melissa -

    WOW - glad Henry is okay and glad you were quick on your feet. I think that lady was Henry's guardian angel too. This is the last thing you need right now, but I am glad every thing is okay, and I am glad your sister will be over tomorrow to help you check and recheck the fence.

    Thank goodness for guardian angels traveling with dog treats!!

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    (((((Melissa!))))) My heart stopped when I started reading this message. I am sure that lady was Henry's Guardian Angel too!

    You are right, this is a good lesson learned! Give him a hug from me.

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    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Thank your lucky stars tonight and hold your babies close.... I am so sorry you had those moments of terror, but so happy this has a good outcome

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    PHEW!! I'm so glad everyone's okay!!
    Love, Hugs, and Pugs!!

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    Oh Melissa, your heart is probably still going a million miles a minute. I'm so glad Henry's safe. Thanks for posting... it's a great reminder. As soon as it's light out tomorrow, I'm going to walk the perimeter of our fence.
    Kathleen (and Lemon, too!)

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    I couldn't breath as I was reading this post. Wow...what a scare you had. I am glad that it turned out to be a happy ending. Give him a BIG hug for me.
    Kerrie, Lola and new foster failure brother Logan

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    How absolutely terrifying! I'm SO glad Henry is okay. Poor frightened furbaby!

    I noticed particularly after a rainy period that the dirt gets soft and Madelyn could conceivably dig her way under in some spots, so we have put fairly sturdy plastic green meshing at the bottom of the fence and horizontal pieces of wood as an added precaution. Even then we need to check it to make sure it's in place.
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    Thank heaven for second chances. What great luck Henry "found" that lovely lady.

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