what is Ida trying to tell me.
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Thread: what is Ida trying to tell me.

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    Default what is Ida trying to tell me.

    My 10 yr old (unspayed) female pug is always trying to hump my legs.
    She was in heat when we received her and is scheduled to be spayed
    mid Sept. I never ran into this with any of my senior girls before.

    My vet believes that she was used for breeding.
    Other than that, she is the picture of health and I know that
    she will be a perfect companion to a lucky family.

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    Humping is a way for a pug to show dominance. She must think she needs to prove something to you, the poor dear!

    I have heard also that some pugs just like the feeling. Dino (R.I.P.) used to hump the large stuffed dog I have in my living room.

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