Resist, by Ceylon of the Tall Grass
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Thread: Resist, by Ceylon of the Tall Grass

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    Default Resist, by Ceylon of the Tall Grass

    Ceylon here, there is a nasty rumor that I am expected to learn the word 'sit,' and 'stay,' and walk on a leash. Anyone heard about this? Murphy, or Rascal, do you sit, stay and walk on a leash. Perhaps this morning, when in a festive mood while having my right paw middle two nails trimmed----I offered to turn inside my skin, and sank my teeth in the kitchen staff---perhaps I was being too festive. Perhaps there really are servants with no sense of humor.

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    Note to self, never read Tall Grass Pugs with ANY LIQUID in ones mouth, because surely it will be spat out by the laughter!!!!!!

    How rude- no sense of humor! ;o)
    Iggy & Tyson's Mama

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    Bello here - this sit and stay stuff is GREAT. It gets you lots of yummy treats. It's not as bad as it sounds really. I think you should give it a try.

    Aren't nail trims just the end of the world? Mommy took me to a stranger and made them trim my nails. I got a geeky bandana afterwords that mom made me wear. It was humiliating. I think we ought to revolt - our motto is "Nails are good!"

    Whaddya think?

    Your admirer,

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    My dear Ceylon, I know sit, stay and know how to walk on a leash, but luckily the kitchen and garden staff here are a little lax in getting me to perform these skills that I learned before I found my way here.

    With regards to your "festive mood" I would be very careful where you manage to sink your teeth; we have just had an incident here where Pip managed to sink his teeth into the garden staff whilst trying to see if Ty had a fawn coat underneath his black one!! We all know the outcome of that incident - "snip, snip" - I'll say no more!!

    Yours, with respect and some trepidation,

    Uncle Cecil
    Nicky, mum to Uncle Cecil, Pip and Ty

    We should all try to be as good a person as our Dogs think we are (anon)

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    Ceylon, you are too much of a diva to have to learn such mundane phrases as 'sit' & 'stay'! Yur lips should never utter anything more than orders to the staff to serve your every whim!

    And that the staff had the AUDACITY to touch your sacred paws??

    The nerve of them!

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    Mommy and Daddy feel like Barney is "addled" at times and require absolutely nothing from him-he gets away with murder He wanders aimlessly on his leash, and aside from keeping him from bumping into things, Mommy lets him go where he pleases and just keeps up with him. "Poor little blind dog" indeed-he has them completely fooled! He would not know "sit" and "stay" if he ran into it.....

    I on the other hand know how to "sit" and to "shake" Mommy and Papa were very impressed when I arrived from Rescue knowing such things....

    Ceylon, you are so very superior, don't limit yourself to such mundane requests-master them quickly and earn treats and move on to such things as mastering "thermo-nuclear fusion...."


    Cathy, Dino Bambino the Lawless Terrier, Laura-Lovey the Pug Diva and Sparky Boo Boo, the Pug Mutt

    And playing together at The Bridge
    Bubba Chunk, Gentleman and Scholar
    Lucy the Beagledor
    Liza, the sweet little bundle of good nature
    Big Roxie
    Barney the Wonderbug
    Whompin' Stompin' Walter-A Legend in His Own Mind
    Sweet Rascal Joe

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    Sit, stay, shake, just mere words. Do not put yourself out none. And not to worry, you WILL get the treats.

    After all you are CEYLON of the TALL GRASS


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