Does anyone's Pug have a Thyroid problem
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Thread: Does anyone's Pug have a Thyroid problem

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    Question Does anyone's Pug have a Thyroid problem

    Lana has gained so much weight. I don't feed her that much she get's 1/4 c in the M & E. I give her Lite Nutro food. She weights 26lbs and someone else in this forum mentioned maybe I should get some bloodwork done to check her Thyroid. Does anyone have a pug with this same problem or have a Thyroid condition.

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    Default thyroid

    Annie gained a lot of weight about two years ago (& is still rather fluffy). She's been diagnosed with thyroid problems and is on medication for that. She's walked a lot, when it's cool enough, and gets green beans as part of her food. I don't feed her as much as I do Buffy but she's fluffier than I like. Yes, thyroid is not uncommon and your gal might have thyroid problems.
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    Yes, my Buster is on Soloxine for his thyroid. When he came into our rescue, he was overweight & also had some skin problems, so we had some bloodwork done & it was found that he suffered from hypothyroidism. He now takes a small, inexpensive pill twice a day & is doing fantastic. It's hard to believe that he is the same pug when I look at the first pictures taken of him.

    There are some good articles here on hypothyroidism:
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    I myself had never been overweight untill radiation treatments damaged my thyroid about 10 years ago. Get her checked. At least then you would know and be able to treat it.

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    YES! Our Emmett was a little fluffy when we first got him from rescue (24#) and he had some skin problems, too. He continued to gain weight despite a diet and after some very simple tests he was found to be hypothyroid! He is also on a very inexpensive pill twice a day and is doing much better......and his weight is SLOWLY coming off. He has a few other problems, too, being a rescue, but he is one big snugglePug and we LOVE him sooooooo much. His thyroid problem is such a tiny little thing to fix!
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    My pug has just been diagnosed with thyroid problems. Dark patches on his coat, hair loss, sluggish, weight gain. We are supposed to pick up meds from the vet tomorrow.

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